Monday, October 12, 2015


When I first got off the plane and my cousin Danny went in to give me a hug I instinctively gave him a high five. He has since never let me live that one down. This is another thing that took a little bit of time adjusting to, being around guys. To which my mother so gently tells me," You couldn't flirt to save your life." To which I may just have to agree. I haven't been on a ton of date since being back, but I'm not worried about it. I still have things that I want to accomplish with school, just getting a general direction in life before I dive to deep into all of that. My first date wasn't bad, it was with a long time friend so that made it easier. My favorite date so far would have to be when 6 of us all played Halo with two TV screens, bought pizza, and were yelling battle tactics at each others. Right now I'm all about having fun and being around good people that lift me to be a better me.

How was adjusting?

 To be honest, I didn't have to hard of a time adjusting back into life. As far as culture goes, I had electricity, running water, McDonalds. Whereas some people who go to serve get all of that taken away, yes, even the McDonalds. Upon getting home I went straight to the girls camp and since my family all had things to take care of they couldn't be around me all the time. This was quite a change since for a year and a half I always had a companion with me. I felt like the events that happened right after I came home, how they kept me busy, and how my mom already had a trip planned to Nauvoo really made it an easy landing for when I came home. Along with having to be alone now, the only other thing that really rubbed me the wrong way was hearing profanity. I think maybe just because I was surrounded by missionaries all the time I never really heard it expect when talking to other people. Days aren't as fulfilling, which is going to be a given. My purpose has changed now. I have a new direction in life. I still want to serve,but its just going to have to be in a different way. Finding that balance to where I can serve every day is a challenge, but I have found that that is what make me the happiest. It helps me feel the closest to how I did while I was on a mission.

What else has happened since I've been home?

Since returning I have been able to travel back to where I served in Utah, Nauvoo Illinois, and California. Not to bad since I've been back now almost 3 months. I got back into dancing right away despite my horrific farmers tan and serious chubba time around my mid section. They really weren't kidding though when they said the weight just falls off after your home. It must be because I'm not eating 5 desserts every night after dinner. I am currently enrolled in Chandler Gilbert Community College where I am trying to knock out my general ed. Ronnie, my little sister signed me up for my classes while I was still serving so naturally I ended up having classes with her. This has turned out to be one of the best things! I suggest taking a classes with a sibling, it's like a built in friend!

How was the Homecoming?

Getting to see my family was better than I could have dreamed up. I went into an all out sprint as soon as I could see moms head bobbing around at the end of the walk way. Hugs for everyone and kisses for my sweet red head nephew who still remembered me after all this time of being gone. Straight from the airport we went to a dentists office where my stake president worked. He released me from my full time calling as a missionary for the church and interviewed me. Talked to me about future goals, what I needed to continue to cultivate and what I needed to steer clear from. From the dentist office Ronnie, mom, dad, and I all headed up to camp Lomia because previously during the year mom had been called to be girls camp director. Yeah, I never went home my first day back. Instead I got to be apart of something much more fulfilling. The same day I got home was the same day that I gave a fireside to all the young women about staying anchored to Christ. They all still called me Sister Efnor, I felt like I was still in the game.