Thursday, February 13, 2014

Holla Atchya Sister!

Where to begin?! I'll start by saying that the MTC is so much more than what I ever expected. The first day I got here it was nothing but GO! GO! GO!. We went straight to a meeting with all the new missionaries.  I remember the whole time thinking "Oh crap, this is real, I am here." 
When 10:30 rolled around I knocked out like a light!  Getting up that next morning wasn't hard like i thought it would be... (You know me and getting up.)  I praised the heavens when i found out you don't have to be with your companion while you are in your residence halls (basically a dorm).  I thought i was going to have to coordinate shower times and junk like that, but since its just a bunch of girls in the residence halls you can do whatever you want. Which is really nice because sometimes you just need a little personal time on the toilet if ya know what I'm sayin.

My district is the best!  So, its my companion and I, and then we are rooming with two other companions. Everyone looks at us like we are crazy when we tell them that we haven't had any problems and we all are getting along. Most of them are from Utah and one is from Colorado. Sister Pippert is the oldest of us, she 23. She is taking two years off from the army, she just got done doing a tour in Afghanistan!  She doesn't get much mail, not really any at all because i guess her family isn't that close. If you could send her a dear elder that would be such a help. She needs to have some support just like the rest of us.  Two of the girls in our room have boyfriends so they have been getting packages and letters that smell like boys almost everyday -__- so its sad when sister Pippert doesn't get anything when we check the mail.

We have a main classroom that we spend most of our time in and we have two main teachers, besides the Lord of course ;) Sister Porter is one of them. The first day i was with her i was like HALLELUYERRR!  Right off the bat you can tell she is a spiritual giant ,and so sweet.  Her testimony of the gospel is so solid.  She and I get along really well , and she has helped me so much.  My other teacher is Bro Crockett actually served in Arizona, he is also awesome. 
My branch presidents are the sweetest people ever, theirs wives will sometimes stop by our rooms to talk to us and give us hugs before we go to bed.  Me and sister nelson ,my companion, are sister training leaders over our zone. So we will be showing all the newbies that come in today where everything is ,and we will be checking on them while they are here.  Like going to their room and and checking on them and making sure they are adjusting okay.
Getting that calling was a shock because i thought for sure these other sisters were going to get that calling.  It has been such a humbling experience getting to go to these extra meetings with the branch president.

I had the worst TRC experience (ask Clint what that is) just to give you a feel for how wretchedly awful it was ill share something that i said during the conversation. I mentioned something about the pre- existence and the lady went off on me saying "whats that?! Were we just beamed down here from some unknown locations not traceable through GPS?!"... and my response was "NOPE, ya sure cant put heaven into a GPS system" at that point i wanted to morph into the couch, or crawl out on my knees which ever was faster.  From that point our appointment with her just got worse. She said she didn't even believe in God ,and when i heard that i had no idea what to say and i just left my poor companion hanging. That was the worst day ive had, and then i really started to miss you guys and i wanted to literally quit. That night i got a blessing from the Elders in my district and the blessing really helped.  I have literally never prayed so hard and so much in my entire life. I was feeling like... if i cant even do a practice situation that there is no way i can do this in real life.
That night i prayed so hard for help and guidance.  The next day was the best day i have had here! We went back to the same lady and our lesson went great!  She opened up to us about her past drug problems ,and we were able to share scriptures with her.  I had her laughing so hard.  It was just the thing i needed. I don't have much time left.... I have learned so much guys, and i have grown so much more than i ever thought i could.  Everything makes sense, and my testimony of prayer and having pure faith in the Lord and in his plan has been strengthened by leaps and bounds. I already know I'm going to be so sad when i have to leave here just because being surround by missionaries 24/7 is the most enriching feeling in the world.  Ive gotten so much better at teaching and leading by the spirit.  I pray every time before i enter a room where I'm going to be sharing a message, whether we are just role playing or we are doing it for real.  I love this gospel so much Mom and Dad, i cant even tell you how grateful I am for your example. 
Going on a mission was the best thing i have ever done. It's the best choice i could have ever made, and i know its going to bless me so much. I love it here guys.  I miss you all so much!  Please dont stop writing me!  It helps me so much!  I know the gospel is true and i cant wait to learn more.  I just want more and more as the time goes by.  I cant say enough how much i love you guys, and pray for you guys all the time! 
Love Sister Dodie
(PS Quick note from Mom... For those that don't know... Dodie has been her nickname since she was an infant) Excuse her typo/errors... I was emailing her when I knew she was on so she had to talk to me while she was writing this letter... As well as this is Last weeks Mail.  I just got her  Blog password .