Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday in Park City...

Hey everyone! 

The snow is finally starting to melt here in Park City. Halleluyerrr, this Arizona girl needs some SUN! 

Easter Sunday was the best! 
So our investigator, Davida, was debating on whether she was going to come to church on Sunday or not because all of her kids are in town and she wanted everyone to be together on Easter. We told her about the Easter program and how the primary children get up and they sing, we told her that if she wanted, we would love to practice with her grand kids so they could know the songs by Sunday. She thought it was a great idea and decided she would come to church with us!  So on Friday and Saturday we went over and practiced with three of her grand kids. We showed them on how they could listen to the songs even when we weren't there. 
The next morning at church Davida, her roommate Terri, Davida's daughter in law, and 3 of her grand kids all came to church! We filled up a whole pew! Before church started we went into another room to practice with the kids some more, they knew the songs by heart! They had been practicing allll night so that they could go up and sing loud and proud.
When we went back to sit with the rest of their family the little kids started singing while we were in the chapel, it turned a few heads. Davida asked us if it was okay that they were singing in the chapel, me and sister Nelson said it was totally fine and they can sing all they want.  It warmed mine and sister Nelsons heart sitting in the pew listening to these three sweet spirits sing about Christ and how he is risen! 
Time came for them to go up and sing during sacrament with all the kids and they did GREAT!  We were some proud sister missionaries that Sunday.

After church we went and visited with some families and shared and Easter message.
We were on shift for the tree that night from 5 to 9, so when it was really slow Sister Nelson and I went upstairs and colored some Easter eggs! haha 

I thought it was going to be really weird not having Easter at home, but getting to sit in a whole pew with Gods beloved children was the best feeling ever. There is no greater work, ive never done something that was so fulfilling or that brought me so much happiness and joy. 

With Sister Nelson and I being companions, everyday is literally a party.  Im convinced that no other companionship has as much fun as we do.
Im so grateful to be serving here in Park City. I feel so blessed to be a missionary, and to have the knowledge that He is Risen! I hope you all had a MAAVELOUSS Easter Sunday! I love you all! 

Sister Efnor
Church Bulletin Board...
 Workin at the "Tree" is the Besssssstttttt!
 Planning meeting...
Low cal. taco's... Gotta watch the waist line!  The last six months of a sister missionaries mission is dedicated to losing weight if you gained it.  They call it "6 months to get sexy" haha...  (These members just feed us to much good food)
 Last one of My comp and myself at the -Tree-

So it was starting to get bright and sunny, then yesterday a blizzard decided to crush all the hopes and dreams of Sister Efnor...  but really, I am loving Park City. 

I was introduced to a game called speedball. Its basketball, soccer, and ultimate Frisbee all in one. 
During the game I went to jump up and grab the ball when all of a sudden, my lack of physical exercise and increase in food caught up with me. While in the air both of my calves cramped up, Ive never had a bear take a bite outta my leg before but Id imagine that if one did it would feel something like that. Quickly, gravity brought me back to the ground in a not so graceful manner. Everyone thought that from the look on my face I had broken something. Nope. Im just getting fat and out of shape. So yeah, that was embarrassing.
This whole week has been pretty solid.

Friday Night 
After we had knocked on every door that we could think of, me and Sister Nelson looked at each other and both had the same thought to go and visit one of your investigators. Her name is Davida, and she is a gem. She is a grandma and is such a strong woman. Sister Nelson said that she and her previous companion had never gone to her house unannounced, well..there's a first time for everything!!  We knock on the door and Davida answers, she was so happy to see us. Turned out that she had taken her grand kids and her roommate all to go ice skating. Her roommate Terri fell and hit her head hard while skating and was taken to the hospital. While in the hospital Davida said that she had the thought to call us to see if we could come and visit but decided not to because she didn't want to bother us. She thought it was such a tender mercy that we just so happened to stop by that night, we went to the back room where Terri was and said a prayer with her and offered to have the elder come by in the morning to give her a blessing. The next morning we went over and gave Terri and blessing, Davida was in tears after the blessing and 10 min after we left we got a text from Terri saying that her headache went away. 

Davida came to church and sat by us during sacrament. After Gospel essentials she said that she needed to get home to take care of her grand kids and Terri, when we were walking her to the door and looked out the was snowing (of course, in april..snow) anyways, Davida looks at us and asks if this could be a sign that she shouldn't go home but that she should stay for relief society. Me and Sister Nelson both went "YES!". We dropped her off at relief society and after we were done subbing for a primary class we went to meet up with her. She told us that she has a friend that was LDS and left the church, and now her friends kids dont have any kind of religion and are kind of lost in life. Davida said that as head of her home she thinks that she needs to commit and be baptized and set the example for her kids and grand kids. Me and sister Nelson were floored, we were so happy for her! 
We knew that heavenly father had answered ours and Davidas prayers. 

Other things that happened this week..
I saved a squirrel that was trapped in a neighbors backyard. 

We were able to hit 20 lessons this week, and are looking to increase our efforts and faith as time goes on. 
Funny story ( Me and sister Nelson constantly find ourselves in tears from laughing so hard but heres just one experience that we had)

So last night we were stopping by whoever we could so we could hit 20 lessons this week. We stopped by and investigator that they had dropped awhile ago, Sharlene. We came in and talked, shared a message and sang her a hymn. Then came time to pray. Sister Nelson volunteered, so right when she is about to wrap it up Sharlene yells (literally yells) right in the middle of the prayer "MOST IMPORTANT!". Mine and sister Ns head shoot up for fear of our flippen lives to see what the heck is most important! Then she says "Pray that i will find a job for the summer, Lord i need a Job!". We both looked at each other and bowed our heads again as we tried to contain our laughter. I had to bite my jacket to keep  from laughing as sister nelson prayed that she we find a job. 
If your not laughing then i guess you just had to be there hahaha because it was hilarious. The end.

Thank you all for the support and love you give me. It helps more than you know. 
I love this work and I love the people i serve with and the amazing people that i am meeting everyday. I am constantly blown away at how the Lord is preparing our brothers and sisters to partake in the blessings of baptism, but its up to us to find them. Go find em bothers and sisters!

Love sister Efnor
Easer Packages!  Thank you to all who sent me mail and are always so thoughtful!  I love you all!
 My comp and I were laughing so hard when we pulled this outta our baskets from Mom...
 Uncle Sam!  Love you!
I cannot even begin to tell you how badly I wanted to jump on for a ride!!
 Oh, and I also rescued a puppy!  I want him!
View from the "Tree" and one for Ronnie...
(I do what I want! haha)