Friday, April 4, 2014

WELPI'm getting transferred. Not to happy about it, but what ya gonna do?  I wont know where I'm going until tomorrow at 2pm, same goes for when i find out who my new companion is going to be. 

First... I can't believe it snowed again!  Actually I can, but it's still weird...

We got to meet with Kay... the woman from China, and we were able to give her enough reading material to last her a couple years! haha
Pamphlets, DVDs, Book of Mormon in Chinese and English. Im pretty sure we gave the poor lady her own weight in doctrine. When we gave it to her she looked at us and said,"This, spiritual food."...So yeah, she'll get baptized. I'm sure of it!

We got to do some service. So sister Knight and sister.... uhhh (cant remember her name), asked us a couple weeks ago if our whole zone would be up for some service, a member was knocking down a wall and needed some help. So everyone was excited just to go knock down this one wall. When we go there the guy had so much more for us to do than just knock down one wall. They were doing some serious demolition to like half of their house. I got to use a huge sledge hammer and knock out a set of stairs, it was so much fun!  We ended up filling a whole one of those dumpsters that you rent. Those long ones that get dropped off at your house then they come and pick it up. Yeah, it was filled to the top when we were done. The next day i cold barely lift my hands to shampoo my head because i was so sore from-using the sludge hammer haha

First, Oma is the best letter writer out of you all. I received 3 letters from her ANNNDDD, a package that included a doll of Willie from Duck Dynasty and  a bar of chocolate. Points for Oma.

We have been meeting with this elderly couple, the Brewers, sweetest couple. John was an ex boxer and LOVES to talk. ( i think loves might be an understatement) His wife June is such a lovely woman and laughs constantly. Anyways, they get  a bit lonely, and reaching their 90s don't get a chance to go out much. So me and sister V went and bought some pizza and headed over to their house for our "pizza party". They were so excited for us to come over. We visited and shared a lesson and before we left John said "If i had two granddaughters like you i would be one proud grandpa. You two be safe." 

I was able to attend the General Women's meeting at the conference center! We were able to take our recent convert Maggie and she loved it!
Looking back i think singing the hymns was my favorite, the spirit was so strong. There is no way to describe the sound. We walked around temple square after and guess what?! I saw plants in bloom!  I'm so use to going when its all covered in snow that it was so different seeing flowers popping out of the ground!  I ran into some sister that were at the MTC when i was there who were called to temple square, so nice seeing old friends.
Me and my companion also ran into Sister Eberhardt who in passing said "see you at transfers! maybe, maybe not!". Well, now i know that her little smirk was because she knew something!
 Love my little companion, she has taught me so much!

We met a young woman, in her 20s, whose grandma is an active member. Within 5 minutes of meeting her she said "id really like to start meeting with ya'll". Her grandma in wonderment then said "uhh, i didn't know that?!" We scheduled to see her this Friday! She started reading the Book of Mormon in August when her 7 year old niece gave it to her for her birthday. Never underestimate the power of primary children.

For dinner we went to a members house whose husband served in the Philippines. They bought all the ingredients and sister V cooked us all a legit Filipino dinner!

Later that night our investigator from the mid-singles ward called us because he wanted to move up his baptismal date! How awesome is that?! The first one just wasn't soon enough, now he's getting baptized next week on Saturday

I'm continually blessed by being in this mission. I couldn't help but get teary eyed when president Monson walked out, the conference center went silent, and everyone stood up. I'm doing, seeing, and experiencing things i never thought I would ever experience. Everyday continues to be a blessing, everyday i see tender mercies and miracles. This area is really kicking it into gear, members are getting pumped about missionary work. I'm sad to have to leave the Monument Park stake, but I'm looking forward to more adventures and testimony builders, and more opportunities to bring others unto Christ. 

I'm having so much fun out here, to much fun? Maybe!  I love you all!  Thank you for all the emails! 
Keep it real. Keep it righteous.

Love, Sister Efnor
PS (A picture of a "Bean thing" created and named by my Mom when she was a teenager.)