Thursday, November 20, 2014

Love this letter too! I can't wait for the Christmas phone call!!

Friday-Zone Meeting
We had a great meeting on "Ministering to the one"...but there were some underlying messages that I was able to pick up on that have really helped me re-evaluate some things. 
1. We were talking about having effective personal study and with our companions.  Instead of sharing what you did, sharing what you learned.  It does my companion absolutely no good to tell her what chapters I read, and it doesn't do me any good either. 

2. During the meeting I was taking lots and lots of notes, and at the end I was thinking "wow, that was such a great meeting, I learned so much!" I was wondering why out of the last couple of zone meetings it was during this one that i learned so much.

I was thinking about these thoughts (wow, that's poetic) and I came to this conclusion, I guess you could say..You only get out of it what you put into it.  Companion study can be uplifting and effective if I put the effort in when i read.  Every district meeting can be beneficial if I put the work into listening and taking effective notes. When I go to church and partake of the sacrament, I can have the potential to feel of the saviors atonement, but only if i prepare myself and put in the work.
My companion is leaving this transfer, she's all done with her 18 months, but she puts in work everyday, everyday she prepares herself so the Lord can trust her, and bless her.  It doesn't matter that shes going to be released as a full time missionary, she understands what it means to endure to the end.

Helen is from Korea and we have been teaching her for about a month.  This past Saturday was the first time we had been able to see her in 3 weeks. For anyone who has served a mission, you know that 3 weeks away from someone your teaching is like 3 months lol so we weren't really sure where she was at.  We all met at Temple Square for our lesson, we had originally had the idea to take her to the Christos and a few other things, but the temple square sisters suggested that we take her to the lower level where all the old testament prophets were.  Even though it wasn't what we had planned we felt it was right as well.  I have been down there numerous times with my family, and i never realized how you could teach someone the restoration down there lol  It was the best though, because it gave her step by step visuals of how and why we believe there is a modern day prophet today. After we did the little tour we went in to a room and watched a short 4 min video of when Christ came to the Americas.  After the video Helen whips around in her seat and says "Christ came to the Americas!".  She just knew it, the spirit testified to her and she just knew it.  She accepted to work towards Dec. 6th as her baptismal date.  It was the best seeing the spirit work so fast on someone even after not meeting with us for 3 weeks!

In closing I want to share a scripture that our zone leaders shared in our meeting 1 Nephi 22:25. Why do we minister to the one? Because that is how Christ did it, he healed one by one.  When he appeared to Joseph Smith he called him by name, He knows each and everyone of us.  He is ready and waiting to bless us, we just need to put in the work.

(random insert: WE JUST GOT AN EMAIL, literally two seconds ago from a girl we met who seemed pretty disinterested...she just said, and i quote "I want to meet with you guys.." My comp and I just blew up with excitement  #WEARETOBLESSEDTOSTRESS)

I love you all, and clearly its going to be a good week haha HECK YES! lol


Love Sister Efnor
(Mom insert) This is the only picture I have for this letter and it's blurry!  LAME... But I can see that big Steph smile and it makes me so happy!!!