Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Salt Lake City zone- SLCE mission!

Well, there isn't a whole lot to report on this week. So you'll have to forgive me if this ends up being short, I know you all are just chompin at the bit to read my weekly emails LOL

This week we were able to get in some lessons with people that we haven't seen in awhile.
Tim is about 20 years old, and has been meeting with the missionaries for awhile.
Our lesson with him was on the Priesthood.  This lead into him asking different questions. Some of which we didn't have the answer to, at one point we literally said "We don't have the answer to that"  He then said "You know what, I like that answer... I don't know."
He offered the closing prayer and in it mentioned how he understands that there are going to be things that we won't understand but that he is grateful for those moments.  Tim is 20, he's gay, he believes that Book of Mormon is the word of God, and he thanks Heavenly Father even in the moments where he doesn't get an answer.

We have had a hard time finding new people, I was so excited with the school year starting up and I was expecting a flood of new investigators.  Like the gates were going to open and WOOSSHHH!....whether it was wishful or missionary thinking, I don't know, but that didn't happen.
However, yesterday we went to contact a referral the elders gave us a while ago.
We were looking for this Hawaiian guy named Will.  Will told the elders that he wanted to meet with the missionaries.  Before we went up to the door Sister Curtis says "So you got this one right? You know, work that Polynesian magic, ask him his last name and figure out if you know the same people" haha Well, Will ended up not being there but his roommate Ofa was!  So sweet, and once I slipped in that the institute just started playing volleyball Tuesday nights I knew I had hooked him.
Gets em every time! haha 
Turns out I actually do know some people that he knows, go figure.
Fingers crossed, and knees kneeling in prayer, that we will be able to teach him.

Well, that's about all I got for this week. 
With some things that happened last week I am so grateful for friends and family who follow promptings.  I was definitely was on the receiving end this past week and I am so grateful for it!  It has helped me see the responsibility that I have when the Lords trusts me enough to prompt me to speak to someone, that the results from following promptings can be endless... if we listen- and ACT.
Love, Sister Efnor