Saturday, December 20, 2014

Last Monday's email... One more p-day and then SKYPE with my girl!

So...they put two Samoans together LOL yes, Sister Aiasau is my new companion! President Eberhardt came up to us and said with a smirk "I lose sleep over this companionship" haha Truly inspired! CHEEEHOOOO!
Miracle/Blessing/Whatever you want to call it, it was awesome...
Saturday we went around on visits to invite all of the people we are teaching to come to church. Our investigator Dave lives in a complex where there are 4 other guys. Its one big house that is split up into apartments, so when we rang the main doorbell it rang to all of the apartments. Sorry, (not sorry) Because then we met Qi (its Chinese)! He came to answer the door, we said that we were looking for Dave, then quickly transitioned into "We are missionaries for..." BOOM! He accepted to meet with the Chinese elders the very next day. Fast forward to Sunday, we are sitting in a ward council meeting when we get a text from the Chinese elders saying that Qi offered the closing prayer, said that he was feeling lost, and set up a return appointment. Merry Christmas one and ALL!
I feel like with every new companion I learn about something that I have been doing wrong lol It amazes me how directions, rules, etc., get lost in translation. Its all good though, this life is all about becoming better and changing, embracing the refiners fire. Throw me in the furnace baby! lol

This past week has really been great though, Sister Aiasau and I get along really well. She came from serving YSA in Holladay, so she already is use to the ways of the young adults. 
I was really worried about taking over this area, 5 wards is a lot of people and a lot of area. Mucho responsibility. Even though there have been times where i just scream in my mind "WHAT AM I DOING?!?!", i can feel Heavenly Father blessing our companionship with unity, our area with more success, and our members with a desire to share the gospel to their friends.
I was asked a couple days ago what the hardest part of my mission has been, first answer was definitely inadequacy. There was a quote from Elder Holland that really helped me through this "You aren't meant to do this alone, and you shouldn't even try..." those feelings of not measuring up only come when I am not leaning on who I need to be leaning on. The nights when I have offered up my will to God, have always brought forth blessings the next day. Its like 1+1=5...(just kidding mom, i know it equals 2 lol)..if we do this and this, then we will get the blessings that our Father promises. Why it took me going on a mission to get that one straight, i have no idea. But I've seen it work, I know it works, I have a testimony of this simple principle.
Sister Aiasau and I have a lot more in common then I thought we would, aside from being foxy Samoans LOL Forewarning I'm about to get real cliche...Everyone is fighting their own battle, and i have definitely learned that this past week.  We are never alone, even if there isn't anyone on this earth who has felt or dealt with what you have there is one who has.  He has been through it all.  We cant see him but we can come to know him and of the love he has for each of us. There is beauty to be found in the atonement, there is forgiveness, love, and unity with Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. I love you all so very much and I pray that in this season, and even in the seasons where we don't decorate trees and hang up lights, that we will strive to be closer to our Savior.

Keep it real. Keep it righteous.
Sister Efnor                            

                                          We had a ward Christmas party at the top of Zions bank.
                                          This is a Tongan family that we visit.  They are dancing for us.

Two weeks late! Catching up! I love the story that happens on Saturday!

During fast and testimony meeting in one of the wards that I cover a guy got up and talked about how a couple days ago he was able to see the temple lights for the first time since moving here from Canada. He described his experience and how it was so beautiful, then he said  "For anyone who hasn't had the opportunity, take the flashlight on the back of your phone, shine it in your eyes. Then get your roommate to hit you in the shins so it feels like a stroller is hitting you. Its like going to temple square..with out really going"... (Not my experience) 

At the close of this transfer I'll be bidding me companion adieu, she is heading back home to Boston. For awhile I was freaking out about having to be in this are by myself, I imagine most of you know the feeling..inadequacy. Especially when we start comparing ourselves to others. Since Sister Curtis is leaving, I was able to go to the Jordan River temple with all the departing missionaries. It was such a blessing to be able to take my worries and concerns to the Lord. 
I didn't walk out of the temple with the scriptures magically memorized, my fear of approaching someone random on the street wasn't gone..weaknesses weren't taken away, but i felt a sense of peace that even though it wont be'll be possible. (perfect)
I cant even begin to write out all of the tender mercies that I have experienced this past week, but it was made clear to me that Heavenly Father has my back as long as I keep doing what He has asked of me. 

Hellan Lee was baptized, we found her through a member that had a class with her. Hellan came up to her and said "How can I learn more about the Mormons?". When her baptismal date was getting closer we started asking Hellan who it was that she wanted to baptize her. She didn't have a whole lot of friends that were guys in the ward, but she did remember that a guy name Jason Davis had taught a Sunday school that she had attended. She thought that his lesson was very moving, so even though they didn't really know each other she asked Jason if he could baptize her.
So the special day comes around, Hellan decides the she would like to bare her testimony (for the first time) after she was baptized. Then Jason asked if he could bare his testimony as well.
After Hellan got changed out of her wet clothes she bore her testimony. The spirit was to strong it was palpable! I cant get over it! It a testimony most of us might be familiar with..."there were so many different churches, all saying that they taught the truth.." Then Jason got up to bare his, when he was on a mission he was diagnosed with some health issue and had to leave four months into his mission...wasn't able to see anyone get baptized that he taught. Now he is 27 and this was the first baptism that he was able to perform, none of us knew about this. In his patriarchal blessing it said he would enter the waters of baptism, and this never made sense to him..almost a decade later, there he was standing in front of us all thanking Heavenly Father.  He was finally able to understand what his blessing was talking about.

This week was definitely a week of growth, I was able to see my companion finish out strong. We were teaching all day up until the very end, and it has helped me see the kind of missionary that i want to be at the end of my mission. I am so grateful for the continuous experiences that I am able to have as I serve the Lord, the refiners fire is real and I can feel Heavenly Father using me everyday to reach out to those in need, in turn shaping me into who He knows I can be.

I love you all dearly,
Sister Efnor

 These are the two Koreans that she and Sister Curtis taught and were baptized.

 She originally sent this one to my brother with the caption that said... BOSS MISSIONARY... of course the words just kidding followed.