Monday, May 26, 2014

So my Mom emailed me and said... 13 months and 12 days to go! I can't believe I've been out almost 5 months!

HELLERR! we still don't have any new investigators..or old ones for that matter...
BUT, this week we made it a priority to visit tons of active members so we could try and get more referrals. From just one visit we received 3 promising referrals, not only that but after visiting with a single sister in the ward who nannies, she said that she could possibly have a family for us to visit. THEN, the elders told us that they may have a referral for a family in our area that we could teach! 
Miracles?  I THINK YES

Lately when we have been going to members homes I'll share the scripture in 1 Nephi 17 where he is talking to his brothers. Nephi is having to build a ship, something that hes never done before and his brother are crackin down on him, calling him a fool. In verses 50-51 he delivers what i thought to be quite the comeback. Because of his faith in God AND the faith he had in himself he knew for a FACT that he could build the ship.  The same can be applied to each of us when trying something new, we need faith in ourselves and faith in our Heavenly Father because through him weak things are made strong.  I would then relate it to doing missionary work among their friends and co-workers, that through faith they can DO IT! 
When i shared this message with a sister in the ward she told us how she had been less active for years, and how you really never know.  It turned into a great discussion of how you can never predict the future, when someone is going to accept the gospel, or come back to church. It was just a good reminder to me that everyone deserves an opportunity to learn about the church.

Saturday we met with Davida, our recent convert. Every time Sister Nelson and I go there, there is a noticeable difference of the spirit in their home.  Her roommate who moved in recently has quit smoking!  Everyone is happy and getting along.  People who see Davida on the street come and tell us how there is a noticeable glow about her. Tomorrow we are going down to temple square with Davida and her roommate, they are both so excited to go with "their missionaries" haha I already know we are going to see miracles happen tomorrow.  We even get to have the tour done by a sister that i was in the MTC with so that will be even more special.

Sunday was one of the busiest days at the trees since Ive been here! People constantly in an out, member and non members. It was the best day at the tree since I've been here hands down...AND sister bates (one of the senior couples) made enough food for  me and sister nelson to eat with them on our lunch break. Roast, cheese potatoes, rolls, and cheese cake! yummy!
After our shift at the tree we went out to our area, upon getting into our car we realized we had about enough gas for a ride back to our we parked the car and used the bus system all day yesterday! what a life saver! and its FREEEEE!  We were talking to the bus driver and told him how we were running on fumes so we had to park our car, after just two minutes of knowing us and that we were missionaries he offered us gas money!  We explained to him that we cant get gas on Sunday's, but that we were so grateful for his offer.  I was blown away, dude didn't even know us for more that a couple minutes, just knew we were missionaries, and was going to give us money. There are amazing people in this world.

We took a picture of ourselves on the way to get the bus-

Today is going to be another really busy day because its memorial weekend and the weather is perfect right now so i better go.  I love you all and thank you for all your support. 
Keep it real.  Keep it righteous.
Sister Efnor
p.s. if anyone has any pointers on finding new investigators I'm all ears hahahaha

p.s.s I also want to thank everyone for the wonderful packages.  I really feel the love from home.  I know I am lucky to have so many who support me while out on my mission!  

A May Day box from Mom and my Sisters... 

 Thanks so much Mills Family-  Love you guy's!
 Family is everything...
Thanks Brooks Family!  Perfect Lunch!
 And of course some Nauvoo family... It was so fun to see you at the Tree!