Friday, February 14, 2014

Pictures of our girl in the MTC... February 14th, 2014

Ok, well here are "some" of the pictures that Sister Stephanie Efnor
sent via email today.  Please excuse my amateur blogging skills.
I hope to become as good as Jolene Ridd in the future! haha!
What she does on Courtney's page is beautiful.  
for now this is it.
Stephanie looks amazing, like her same old HAPPY self.
Hopefully next time I'll be able to include the pic's on the letter post!

 Love from Home
 She knows I'm shaking my head at all those wrinkles!
 Valentine Decorations sent from home...

 Sisters/friends from back home... Courtney Ridd off to Paris and Steph off to Park City Utah!

 I sure miss that big beautiful hair!

Finally! Our second letter from the MTC...

I really do hate this whole "mail" communication thing, it has me so confused. I never got to email oma, I just sent her a letter, and because its like the twilight zone over here I really wouldn't be able to tell you what day I sent any of those letters on haha. My perception of time right now is so warped!  MOS GARLIC ROLLS?! I'll most definitely be checking the mail after i get off my emai!  Well...i cant remember all the stuff that ive already sent you guys in emails so i apologize if some of this stuff is old news to you..
So, I had to wait more than a week to get on my email because i started my visitors center training! Due to the change of schedule my pday was changed to today, so sorry about the confusion.  Anyways..this past Wednesday all the visitors center sisters got to take a bus to temple square, it felt so weird being outside of the MTC.  At temple square we took a tour with some sister missionaries and they told us about the importance of being a visitors center sister. It is way harder than i thought it would be, so all ya'll hatin on people getting called to visitors center missions can just pipe down. :-) They told us about their experinces that they've had and then we went to an orinetation on visitors centers, it had me seriously pumped! 
I dont know if i already told you but i am going to be at the visitors center in Park City!  It is really small hahaha its all about family history, and i was told by the guy giving us the orientation that it had the highest return rate, because everyone loves learning more about their family! 
I was really happy to hear that.  Sister Nelson and I are leaving the MTC Tuesday was pretty funny when the others sisters in our district were all getting their traveling itineraries in the mail, and it was telling them what flights they needed to take and then mine and sister Nelsons came in the mail and it was telling us when the front runner was going to be leaving the train station! hahaha

For our visitors center training we got to chat online with people! How cray cray is that right?!  We all got our own laptops and headsets.  I felt like i should have been directing a space shuttle landing haha, but yeah, so when someone wants to chat it would pop up on both mine and sister Nelsons screen and we could talk to them together!  We had some pretty cool experinces with people really wanting answers to questions they had, and then there were some...ODD ones..hahaha. 
For example, this one guy wanted to know if realating the gospel to Thor was blasphemy... Sister Nelson and I looked at eachother and started busting up laughing...which i guess wasn't very nice, but you would of had to have seen the other stuff he said before that haha... He felt like he could help non members come unto Christ better if he could relate it to Thor, which i kinda see where he's coming from with the whole "Thor gets sent down to earth by his father, he saved the world, and then gets to return home"  BUT we promtly sent him some links to church websites that would be helpful to use haha... so that was a pretty funny experince. 

All of the other sisters in out district are gone, they all left to Canada this past Tueday, so its just Sister Nelson and myself, all alone in our rooms..Which has actually been pretty nice because now we can use one of the desks as a pantry. Mom, we literally have a pantrys worth of food in our room, its kind of riduculous.  We have shelves stocked with food and i dont know what we are gonna do with all of it..  We might open up our own store in our room and make some profit? hahaha 

Im still loving it here, just when i think that ive had the best day ever, i go to bed and wake up and end up having an even better day the next day.  Im loving my visitors center teachers they are amazing sisters and they have such strong testimonys. Im really excited to be able to go out in to the feild but ive learned and grown so much here that i dont want to leave at the same time.  

I have been getting so many packagas from people and i am so grateful for that, (If I haven't had the chance to write you personally please know how much I love that you thought of me!) Saturday is my last day to get mail though, so tell anyone if they were planning on sending me something to not do it or to wait until im at my mission home. just an fyi :)  Debbie i loved those cookies and our letter!  Tell Clint his letter is coming soon so he can stop crying about how much he misses me.. Ronnie i love getting letters from you about school.  I miss picking you up all the time and getting to here about how your day went.. Dad i love you so much and i really appreciate you writing me all the time and all you share with me about the scriputres. Mom im pretty sure your the reconrd holder for most dear elders in a day hahhaha, but i love it!  Give grumpy a pat on the head and treat for me.  Thank you for giving me updates all the time on my baby hahah!  
I love you all so much and everyday i am reminded more and more that this was the best decision i could have ever made.  I love this gospel with all my heart, and being here has changed me in ways i didn't know were possible. 
I love you all so much!
Love Sister Efnor