Friday, February 14, 2014

Pictures of our girl in the MTC... February 14th, 2014

Ok, well here are "some" of the pictures that Sister Stephanie Efnor
sent via email today.  Please excuse my amateur blogging skills.
I hope to become as good as Jolene Ridd in the future! haha!
What she does on Courtney's page is beautiful.  
for now this is it.
Stephanie looks amazing, like her same old HAPPY self.
Hopefully next time I'll be able to include the pic's on the letter post!

 Love from Home
 She knows I'm shaking my head at all those wrinkles!
 Valentine Decorations sent from home...

 Sisters/friends from back home... Courtney Ridd off to Paris and Steph off to Park City Utah!

 I sure miss that big beautiful hair!


  1. You crack me up Alayna! I love all of these pictures! Her personality just shines through! I love seeing that smile and huge hair! I can just hear her laugh! The hug from Joe has got to be the cutest thing I have ever seen!