Monday, August 25, 2014

Every week seems to be my best week ever!!

It was the bessstt! Don R. Clark came and talked to us!  We were all a bit scared since the Monday prior we had received an email from our mission president that had a talk on receiving chastisement with grace... lol
Turned out to be the perfect mix of love and chastising.  Missionaries who have been out awhile say that it was the best training they have been apart of in a zone conference.  I'd have to agree. 
A couple points that he made that I really loved...
-Take care of His sheep and He will take care of yours.
During zone conference Elder Clark said "Everyone who has a family member, or loved one that is inactive, stand up."  Almost everyone in the room stood up.  As we were standing he told us that when we put our whole heart into the work, "Genuinely" loving those that we teach, the Lord will bless our family and friends who have lost their way.  What motivation!!!!  I want my family, and my friends to experience the blessing of the gospel but first i need to feed His sheep.
-Will the mission go through you? Or will you go through the mission?
There are definitively times where I have felt I was just going through the motions.  Was i happy?  No.  Was I effective?  Nope.  The mission experience I have, or even the experience I have here on earth, can all be determined on how I act.  What will be my response to trials, sucky companions, investigators not keeping commitments etc.?
-The Lord needs to trust you.
Ain't it the truth, i can definitely testify to this.  If He cant trust me, He's not going to even think about sending one of His precious sons or daughters my way.  My mom recently shared a couple stories of different times where she has had the opportunity to lend a helping hand, or a shoulder to cry on.  I know that the Lord will put people who need a hand- in our paths when he knows He can trust us.
Those are just a few of the MANY points that Elder Clark talked to us about..oh and he said.." If your dating an RM, you call his mission president and ask him what kind of a missionary that boy was. If he says good, DROP HIM! You want and exceptional missoionary!" lol

C O L O R  R U N
There was a color run taking place in Salt Lake and our mission presidents wife had a family member who needed help getting more volunteers, so they volunteered the missionaries! lol We helped people check in and went to the finish line to cheer people on and hand out packets of the colored chalk, there were some of us handing out water bottles and granola bars as well.  It was really fun when people would run by or check in and they'd yell out... "ITS THE MISSIONARIES!" 

We were blessed to have a baptism, her name is Alexis.  Alexis has one of the most inspiring stories. Born in a Bulgarian orphanage, adopted to Minnesota, reconnected with someone she was friends with in the orphanage who got adopted to Provo and is now on a mission in Bulgaria. 

Sister Curtis and I have been so blessed this week, mission life is great and getting better. I love you all, keep smiling :)
keep it real. keep it righteous.
Sister Efnor