Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First, I'd like to clear the air for all those who said Steph would never be able to do her own laundry because I did it for her all the time... HA!
 Yeah... Like a CHAMP!
Some experiences...

So we just got this new investigator.
She is Catholic and her husband is in-active.  She is older, and had a daughter who is in-active as well.  Our senior missionaries, Elder and Sister Vincent are the ones that found her and set up the appointment.
So there we are getting ready to start teaching the first lesson (restoration).  I pull out my pamphlet and start taking about the picture on the front of the pamphlet.  Its a picture of Christ holding a baby lamb.  I asked her what she noticed about how Christ was holding the baby lamb.  She gave answers like lovingly, like a baby, things like that.  So... then I go into how we are like that lamb, and how Christ and Heavenly Father love us so much... While I'm doing this I'm looking at the pamphlet when all of a sudden i hear a sound.  Like a sob, like a hysterical cry.  I look up and she is crying with her hand over her mouth.  First thing that popped into my mind was "SWEEET! I just reeled in the spirit and we haven't even gotten to the good stuff!".....Wrong.
She suffers from a sevier bipolar disorder that causes her to all of a sudden feel really sad...what perfect timing.  She went into the kitchen to gather herself and we moved on.
That was a huge blow to my ego haha!  Moving on to the first vision, having completely forgotten that Catholics believe that the Godhead is all one being. I show her the picture of the first vision and start explaining what happened, oh you should of seen the look on her face!  I guess it would helpful for me to educate myself before going on into teaching those things.  Anyways, the lessons with her have been going great and she is so eager to read the B of M.  Her husband is even wanting to help her read through it, he served a mission and had great insights on the scriptures. 

Met this widow named Nedra Robinson, coolest old lady in Utah. She was a teacher and a principal, after her husband died at a younger age.  When her kids were a little more grown she served a mission in the Philippines.  She has been to at least 30 different places outside of the U.S. like Hong Kong and Finland.  She showed my companion and I a book she made compiling her husbands life starting from when he was in kindergarten, leading up to when he was in the war.  She even had the locket of hair she gave him  before he left for the war.  HE KEPT IT THE WHOLE TIME!  In the back of the book she had a letter that they sent back and forth to each other while he was away.  She also had a book compiling all of her life and even the story about how she and her husband met.  It's a ridiculously cute story.  It was at a temple dedication.  He was coming around the corner with an ice cream in his hand and when they turned the corner they bumped into each other, and he got the ice cream all over her dress.  She then took all these books that she had put together and made copies for all her grand children and great grandchildren. Told ya she was the coolest.

First baptism, Maggie Hopkins.  Best experience ever.  

There was such a great turn out from the ward, Maggie doesn't have any family here in Utah so i was a little worried, but the place was packed and the speakers were awesome.  Seeing her get baptized was such a testimony builder for me, and the power of having your sins washed away and receiving the Holy Ghost.  Maggie is a doctor so she had one of those beepers because she was on call.  That thing would not rest!  It was constantly going of,f and no body cared as long as she got baptized!  Maggie even had to step out to call in a few times.  After the baptism she said, " i have never gotten that many calls before for work"  and then she said, " i know it was Satan trying to detour me, but i wasn't going to let him stop me from getting baptized".  Pretty neat huh?  First baptism, and ill never forget it...
Loving the mission!  Just found out that I live on the same street as Russell M Ballard!  Yeah, so I may just get a picture of him if I can ever catch him in his front yard!  haha! 
 Main staple in ones diet... Noodles! 


I spoke for the second time this past Sunday. First was in a family ward and the second was at the singles ward that we cover. There were so many people in the singles ward i though i was speaking at a fireside haha It was awesome though, i opened with... "Talofa my name is Sister Efnor, and i am from the beautiful island of..Mesa Arizona"  that one had them laughing pretty good!  I told the story of when Spencer Sam and Brooke all helped move those stupid, muddy, icy logs, and how when the lady came out of her house they were so sweet to her, and how willing they were to give service. ( I told it a lot better than that)   Then I tied it into how we need to have a heart of service like the Lord did.  I told that story in both of my talks and i have gotten so many people telling me about how much they LOVE that story... So you 3 are famous, your welcome.

Lastly, I went through the Salt Lake temple for the first time today.  
Had to wake up at 4 to be there for the session our mission president wanted us there for.  The temple president and his wife spoke to us, he said the Lord walks these halls. Couldn't help but feel the spirit.  Ive been walking outside of those temple walls for years taking pictures, i couldn't believe i finally got to be the person on the inside.
Still cant believe everyday how much the Lord continues to bless me.
I still stand true to what i said before, serving a mission was the best decision i have ever made. 

I love you all, thank you for always making sure my email is full.  It warms my heart knowing you guys took time out of your day to email me.  I'm so happy to be doing this work, and i see myself changing everyday. 
Keep it fresh, Keep it real, Keep it RIGHTEOUS...
PS~Somebody Loves her!! (Thank you!)