Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"3..2..1..We have lift off!"

[I knew I wouldn't be able to get on my blog after I was set apart, so I wrote this and I'm having my Mom see that it get's posted up onto my blog and connect it to FB until she can get everyone's emails organized]

Well, it's almost time. Getting ready for this day has been a whirlwind, but now the real adventure begins. Goodbyes have been rough, but after every rush of tears I've felt a rush of happiness. I know that's the spirit telling me that I am where I should be.

So many people want to help and give me advice for what's ahead, and I've been very grateful since I haven't had an older sibling go through any of this. A couple of the best pieces of advice I've gotten..
  • Love the people you serve
  • Work everyday like it's your last day
  • Don't kill your companion
I'm sure I'll have some nerves once I get in the car tomorrow morning, but right now I'm feeling nothing but excitement as the day draws nearer. I never thought I'd be here, taking this path in life. The thought "HERE I AM!" keeps coming to mind. Over coming personal obstacles, hours of preparing, and HERE I AM! Still here going strong, now to just keep this same momentum as I go out into the mission field. I love my family, and I love the Lord, I can't wait to show em what I got!