Monday, June 30, 2014

Saturday the 21st
We woke up early in the morning to go do some service for a lady that is in our ward boundaries. She is an acquaintance of the bishop, and not a member of the church. She was recently divorced and really feeling the weight of keeping a home, taking care of her mom and kids. So about 25 members came and swarmed her yard, even the back yard, put in some new plants, and pulled some weeds! The best part was seeing how grateful she was for all these people, that she didn't know, who were coming to help her.
Later that day Sister Nelson and I were driving around that area again, visiting members, and we saw her out front. She was showing her neighbor around, pointing out all that the ward had done that morning. We decided that after we stopped at a couple houses we would go back and see how she was doing. When we got to her house she was in the backyard, we waltz in started talking to her and her neighbor. She then invited us into her house because she wanted to introduce us to her mom and kid. Previous to this, when the bishop offered the wards help he made it clear that there were no strings attached and that we just wanted to help her. Turns out, she had a lot of questions about the church. We didn't even have to bring anything up SHE DID! We called bishop about our experience and told him that we scheduled an appointment for this Wednesday, he was blown away. Who knows if she'll join the church or not, what I loved was how the service we did effected this lady and her family. She was so taken back that even though none of these 25 people knew her and even though she wasn't a member of the church everyone was more than willing to help her out.
They wont care about what you know, until they know how much you care.
Joe came to church again, but this time to the singles ward. He really loved it there. Later that night we actually had the opportunity to go have a lesson with him as well. We touch on a lot of different things, talked about his experience at church, and how his scripture reading has been. He is actually really good about reading what we assign him and studying it all. We had a great discussion but in the end, he expressed that he feels all this is short term for him, that he just doesn't have the faith needed. 
As I find myself leaning on the Lord more often, Ive had these moments where I know I am not the one talking. If that makes sense. I'll look back on a conversation and CLEARLY I know I could not have come up with that, it becomes more clear to me in those moments as well as others, that this is HIS work and not mine. (Back to the story)
At the end of the lesson we wanted to commit him to pray every night, his answer was shaky, but he said he would continue to read. So I said to him something along the lines of this " enjoy philosophy, studying, and find comfort in things that are "tangible"  You keep saying that faith is what you lack, the only way your going to gain faith is by putting trust into things that aren't tangible. You need to pray."
I realize that what I said may not be "quote worthy"  but it resonated with Joe, and we could tell that something changed for him, his direction changed. I know that it was the spirit that lead Sister Nelson and I on what we should said to help Joe on his journey to bringing Christ back into his life.
Sunday (night)
We got a call from President Eberhardt! I'm going to be training a brand new missionary, yes, this means they are essentially splitting up the dream team hahaha Boy am I gonna miss sister Nelson, we were quite the companionship. However i am so grateful for this call to grow and learn. I don't know what the heck I'm going to do with a brand new missionary haha because i still feel like one myself, but if there is one thing that Ive learned from transfers is that EVERYTHING has a rhyme and a reason.
Last district meeting together with Sister Nelson- The "Dream team".
Its been a really great week. Time is flying by, 5 months out seems a little to much to wrap my head around sometimes. Thank you all for your prayers and support. 
I know that i am where i am suppose to be, that Christ lives, and that he atoned for our sins. Getting to spread that message has only strengthened my testimony of its truthfulness. I love you all so much and i hope you all have a great week! 
Love sister Efnor
Out on a hike with the Mission President on P-day.

Looking back at Park City after starting our hike.
Still saving critters... This one was a sad little guy and very happy I came to his rescue. 
Taken from the Tree... Lunch break and a pic of Main Street.

Can you believe... Yes it snowed... IN JUNE!  and it was FREEZING!