Wednesday, May 21, 2014

(as my  "Padre Inteligente" (pA-dray in-tele-hent-A) would say)

Well my friends...its still the business to be a sister missionary.
On Sunday me and my companion had a girl come up to us and ask us what we thought about our missions so far. The first thing that seems to escape my mouth whenever someone asks me that question is " ITS THE BEST THING EVERRRRRR!"  Because that's the truth.

We have zero investigators as of 
BUT, its because we baptized them all. 
NOW the challenge is finding those that are out there, that are being prepared by the Lord. Lemme tell ya, when you have no investigators, your faith is really tried.  And when you are fasting and you have no investigators, and no one will answer their dang door..THAT is when you are REALLY being tested lol
This last week we moved out of the Tree and to our new apartment... I loved living at the Tree, but our new apartments is really nice too... Now that we have hot water that is! Taking a cold shower in Utah is a lot different than in AZ!

Thursday we knocked on about 30 doors.  A couple answered, some just shut the door right after opening it... We had a companion study with our district leader, and our zone leaders. We just roll played door approaches, and how we can be bolder when someone does open their door.  It was a big help... When we went out that day after our study i felt like Sister Nelson and I did a lot better at our door approaches.  I struggled my first month with door approaches..a lot.  Mainly because i was scared of embarrassing myself, so basically i was holding myself back. 
Then i realized after practicing those door approaches with the elders, that the worst they can do is say no.  It might be in a more colorful way than that, but its either going to be yes or no. 
After i realized that, and how bad i want us to have a new investigator, getting embarrassed or making a fool of myself seemed like such a minor worry.  Ive learned to embrace the awkward/embarrassing moments hahaha.
Thursday night i actually had a special delivery! 
My uncle Ron who lives in Provo walked into the family history center with 2 bags of burgers!  MY HERO!  It was awesome being able to see him and hear how the fam in Provo is doing!

I also received an awesome box from one of my favorite families!  THANK YOU!

Friday we had dinner at a members house..wait...actually this was last week..anyways, last week we had dinner at a members house. You know your in Utah when the members make you chicken cordon blue in a casserole dish hahaha  The only thing missing was some green jello and funeral potatoes lol

Saturday our whole zone was challenged to go on splits the whole day and whenever someone had a miracle they would text it to the zone leaders and then the zone leaders would forward it to the whole zone.  Our phone was constantly going off, as Holland once said "we believe in angels we trust in miracles".  
We also had a baptism, she was 9yrs old. 

There a lot of members from the ward that came and supported her which was great to see since the parents aren't both members. The girl who got baptized has a friend in the ward who is also 9, and her dad isn't a member and they are divorced. Seeing her friend get baptized made her want to be baptized even more, but her dad wont allow it. Without permission from both the parents they cant be baptized, we have a few more families in the ward who are undergoing that same situation. 

Sunday was mmaaaaavelous! We went to sacrament, lost our area book for 30 min.(me and sister Nelson both died a little inside during those 30 min). Went and visited some families and then we were on shift at the tree from 5 to 9. 
Ending the night with a ride on a moose, id say it was a pretty good week! 

I hope you all have a MAAVELOUS week! 
Keep it real. Keep it righteous.
Sister Efnor