Monday, June 22, 2015

Salt Lake City East Mission!

This week has been great but I don't have to much time to write. 
Finally we were able to teach Davida's husband Carl! We were able to teach him three times in the past week, BABAAMM!  One really cool our second lesson with Carl, he was talking about how he has felt the "vibe" while reading the Book of Mormon. He said that the first time that we were able to meet with him I asked him a question and he felt that same "vibe". He couldn't remember the question, but he could just remember what he felt. It just goes to show that it is nothing we do as missionaries, it's the spirit. That is what they remember, how they felt, the spirit that you invited into their homes..into their hearts. I am so grateful for these precious weeks that I have left to serve our Father in heaven.
Run hard, and to the tape.

Sister Efnor