Monday, October 12, 2015


When I first got off the plane and my cousin Danny went in to give me a hug I instinctively gave him a high five. He has since never let me live that one down. This is another thing that took a little bit of time adjusting to, being around guys. To which my mother so gently tells me," You couldn't flirt to save your life." To which I may just have to agree. I haven't been on a ton of date since being back, but I'm not worried about it. I still have things that I want to accomplish with school, just getting a general direction in life before I dive to deep into all of that. My first date wasn't bad, it was with a long time friend so that made it easier. My favorite date so far would have to be when 6 of us all played Halo with two TV screens, bought pizza, and were yelling battle tactics at each others. Right now I'm all about having fun and being around good people that lift me to be a better me.

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