Monday, October 12, 2015

How was adjusting?

 To be honest, I didn't have to hard of a time adjusting back into life. As far as culture goes, I had electricity, running water, McDonalds. Whereas some people who go to serve get all of that taken away, yes, even the McDonalds. Upon getting home I went straight to the girls camp and since my family all had things to take care of they couldn't be around me all the time. This was quite a change since for a year and a half I always had a companion with me. I felt like the events that happened right after I came home, how they kept me busy, and how my mom already had a trip planned to Nauvoo really made it an easy landing for when I came home. Along with having to be alone now, the only other thing that really rubbed me the wrong way was hearing profanity. I think maybe just because I was surrounded by missionaries all the time I never really heard it expect when talking to other people. Days aren't as fulfilling, which is going to be a given. My purpose has changed now. I have a new direction in life. I still want to serve,but its just going to have to be in a different way. Finding that balance to where I can serve every day is a challenge, but I have found that that is what make me the happiest. It helps me feel the closest to how I did while I was on a mission.

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