Monday, October 12, 2015

How was the Homecoming?

Getting to see my family was better than I could have dreamed up. I went into an all out sprint as soon as I could see moms head bobbing around at the end of the walk way. Hugs for everyone and kisses for my sweet red head nephew who still remembered me after all this time of being gone. Straight from the airport we went to a dentists office where my stake president worked. He released me from my full time calling as a missionary for the church and interviewed me. Talked to me about future goals, what I needed to continue to cultivate and what I needed to steer clear from. From the dentist office Ronnie, mom, dad, and I all headed up to camp Lomia because previously during the year mom had been called to be girls camp director. Yeah, I never went home my first day back. Instead I got to be apart of something much more fulfilling. The same day I got home was the same day that I gave a fireside to all the young women about staying anchored to Christ. They all still called me Sister Efnor, I felt like I was still in the game.

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