Wednesday, May 14, 2014

So I actually started sweating a little yesterday, which is new. But I'm not going to get to over zealous, for fear that the snow monster will come and destroy my little ray of sunshine. 
We had dinner at our ward missionaries home, the Trowbridges.  I don't think that I have ever laughed so hard at dinner. They are a pretty young couple and tons of fun.  In short, the evening ended with brother Trowbridge doing the worm and pulling his hamstring. 
We set up a baptismal interview for a little boy Ronnie who is 9 years old. We met with him earlier that day and talked about baptism and he showed us where he is reading in those easy read Book of Mormon stories.  He opened up to Abinadi, he thought that it was so cool that even though he was being threatened with death he still wouldn't deny the things that he had said because he knew they were true. Before we left he said that he wanted to be a "baptizer" too! Me and Sister Nelson told him at what age he could eventually start baptizing people if he was obedient and always did what the Lord asked of him. To sweet.
Davida and her grandson were baptized. It was a beautiful baptism, we were able to get a young man from the ward who is leaving on his mission soon to baptize Ronnie and our ward mission leader baptized Davida. 

When people rise above the water there is a certain glow, and light in their eyes. 
I knew that as a missionary I would be involved in peoples lives, but i never had an idea of how i would truly love the people i taught and came into contact with. 
Ive never been so happy to wake up at 6:30 in the morning and read my scriptures. To find something new, to feel spiritually edified. 
I love when teenagers come into the family history center and they are deciding with they should serve a mission or they are going and they want advice. Because its then that i get a chance to tell them that being a missionary is THE B O M B!  I always think that if i can help encourage just one of them to make the choice to go that would make my 18 months!
Davida and Ronnie were confirmed in sacrament meeting and were welcomed into the ward. That fast Sunday most of the testimonies had to do with missionary work or how Davida and Ronnie have been an inspiration to the members of the ward. 
Oh and we are speaking next Sunday on basically im gonna ball the whole time.

Me and sister Nelson are striving to be kinder not just in action but in thought. Being a sister missionary i find myself..lets say.."clashing" with others personalities. So me and my companion have decided that instead of saying something maybe not so nice..we say "I bet she bakes a real nice cake." hahaha Lets just say..there are a whole lotta sisters up in here that are bakin cakes! hahaha 

Im loving it up here in Park City, I cant believe this transfer is almost over. 6 weeks goes by to fast. Getting the opportunity to work at the Family tree and proselyte has helped me grow not only as a missionary but as a person. During our baptism this Saturday sister Nelson got up to bear her testimony. She put it perfectly when she expressed that we leave our families for 18 months, but days like that day make it all worth it. 
I feel so humbled to have the opportunity to serve the Lord, and to help others come unto Christ. I find myself coming closer with each day that passes.
I love you all, praying for you always.
Sister Efnor

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