Wednesday, May 14, 2014

18 months to serve, eternity to reflect... Better make it good!

It amazes me how every P-day I write down a list of things I need from Walmart and when I make it back to the apartment I have nothing that I need. I buy food that doesn't go together causing me to eat PB&J and noodles haha, and so it goes, the life of Sister Efnor..
While kneeling down to pray with Sister Nelson before we went to bed I lifted up my head and said "I love being a missionary, and most of the time I cant believe I have been out 4 months. But sometimes...", then sister Nelson interrupted me and said "and sometimes it feels like 12 years?!" ahhaha we both died laughing. 
We both love it up here in Park City I promise haha
Sister Nelson and I celebrating Cinco De Mayo

We didn't get 20 lessons in this week but we had lots of opportunities to give service. Getting to serve less active members or even active member, shoot even non members haha is the best! You get an opportunity to get to know the family and being able to help someone in need is the best feeling. 
Missionary work in the ward is definitely growing. The more we get to visit with members and teach them the lessons we would teach investigators the easier it is becoming for them to talk to their neighbors and friends. They see its not something to be fearful of, but that testifying of simple truths can open the door to possibilities. 
(We came a knockin but nobody answered... Nice fish greeting!)
With getting a new bishop and the fact that there are 600 people in the boundaries of the ward and we only know about 200 of them has become a priority. When we don't have an appointment we are knocking on addresses in our ward list to see if the person is even living there still. There have been some..interesting experiences but i love it!
We knocked on a door and the lady opened the door so i could only see her lips and one eye. We said hello and asked her how she was doing, she gave us short and direct replies. We could tell she wasn't going to let us in so i asked if the family name we had was the right one for this address. She said yes and then quickly asked "How did you know we lived here!?" What i wanted to do was clasp my hands together like an evil villan and say "The church knows EVERYTHING! (insert evil laugh)" But i didn't hahaha i just said that she was on the ward list and that we wanted to know if we can serve her in anyway. She told us that no one in the house was Mormon (which is a fib our they wouldn't be on the list haha) but we just said that we would love for her to come to church and that was that.
Sunday sister nelson and i had to speak in church. What kind of a sick joke is that?! Having missionaries talk about their mamas on mothers day?! 
But it was nice since we hadn't had a chance before to introduce ourselves in front of the ward. I talked about how it was through the love of my mom that i came to know of a greater love. The love heavenly father and Christ have for me and each one of us, then i tied it into how when we feel of that love we will have a desire to share that love with others. BABAMMM! THEN WE ARE DOING MISSIONARY WORK! 
Then after church we went to a members home and i got to Skype my family!
At first the video wasn't working but i could hear them, instantly i started balling! haha When we realized the video wasn't working I could hear my mom yell "THIS BETTER NOT BE GOING AGAINST MY MINUTES!" hahaha It was hard having to press the end button, but i felt even more pumped to DO WORK after getting to talk with them!
Oh and Sister Nelson and I are getting to stay together for another transfer! WOOHOOOO!
Everyday i thank the Lord that i have the opportunity to be a missionary, these 18 months are going to prepare me in so many ways for the rest of my life. 18 months to serve, eternity to reflect..Better make it good! haha I love you all! thank you for the emails, they uplift me every week :)
Keep it real. Keep it righteous.

Love Sister Efnor
Mom insert-  My Mothers Day call was simply the best!  I got 2 hours of love!  Steph had choreographed a number that she taught a YW group.  It was to a hymn.  Debbie asked if she would dance it for us-  She explained that it wasn't going to happen because she didn't have the music.  Anyway considering this was Debbie she was talking to she should have known what was about to happen- YES!  Debbie, Denice, and Ronnie all sang the hymn and Steph got up and did the dance for us.  IT WAS HEAVEN... 

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