Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week of April 28th

This week = THE BUSINESS!

So Friday we had an appointment with Cole and our other investigator Davida.
We met with Cole and his mom, signed the baptismal record and then Cole went in for his interview with one of the elders.  We had a chance to get to know his mom, turns out she isn't a member and doesn't really know a whole lot about baptism.  She just knows that it will benefit her 12 year old son in the long run. 
After Cole and his mom left, Davida came to the church building where we were going to have her appointment as well. We went into the room with the baptismal font and opened up the doors and set the chairs up right in front of it (can you see where I'm going with this? haha) We showed her a video on baptism and invited her to be baptized. She said yes! She and her grandson who is 9, are getting baptized this Saturday. She had an awesome experience while she was at temple square a couple days prior. She went into the Joseph Smith memorial building, and ended up talking to what sounded like a senior missionary. The missionary asked her what brought her to temple square, to which she replied "I'm getting baptized.". At that point she hadn't even committed to be baptized, she said that without even thinking  she just said it! She knew that was Heavenly Father giving her the push she needed.

So Cole got baptized Saturday-
and we had another investigator come and attend. Her name was Leanne and she was married to a guy who was a member. Leanne had had all the lessons and even had a calling in the ward! But she felt like she was being pressured to be baptized so she pretty much told everyone to step off. Well, she came to Coles baptism and loved it. THAT NIGHT, we get a call from our ward mission leader telling us that Leannes husband is going to talk to her about getting baptized and he thought there was a VERY good chance she was going to say yes. 
Me and Sister Nelson were both BLOWN AWAY! We prayed so hard that night that Leanne would follow through...
THE NEXT DAY, we filled up the font-
and Leanne was baptized with a total of like 7 people in attendance. We had an opening prayer, the baptism, the confirmation, closing prayer, short and sweet just how she wanted it. Does this blow anyone elses mind? Because it blows mine!
We had ward council with our newly called bishop this yesterday and it was so uplifting. The work in the Kimball ward is going to be ON FIRE! There is so much work to be done but the bishop and everyone else in the ward is ready to go. 
It snowed this morning..like really snowed.

Ive decided to stop asking "why?!" when it comes to this Utah weather. 
I love it up here though, its a little piece of heaven.
This is a picture of me on the phone with an investigator...  A little Jewish man came into the Tree the other day and said he had read the Book of Mormon and wanted to know more-  I spoke to him for about an hour and then he called and had me on the phone for another hour and a half!  It was pretty awesome!
The Lord is in everything, in every baptism, in every lesson. This is his work, and I feel so blessed to be apart of it.

Sister Efnor
Oh and one last pic for the road... This is the Elder I gave a shiner to while playing a game on P-day.  Funny thing, he was going around saying to everyone that would comment on his black eye that they should have seen the other guy.  Finally he said it in front of one of the Sisters, who wasted no time to correct him and say "Don't you mean you should have seen the other girl!"  We have had some good laughs over it.

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  1. Oh my darling girl......it is so amazing how fast this work is rolling! I love it !! You are Awesome and so is the Gospel!!