Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Park City, Salt Lake City East Mission!!


As a zone we are having a friendly competition to see who can get the most invites in a day. We are keeping track for the whole month, and we are split up in to teams. Its nice to have a fun competition, but the main reason why I have loved this is because it has kept "inviting" at the front of my mind. Even though I have been out for awhile, there are still times when I have talked to people and veered around inviting them to learn more. Or to invite them to come unto Christ in another way period.
Sister Weaver and I were talking and really wanted to change that, and invite everyone we talk to. We have been struggling with finding people to teach, and obviously, that can be discouraging since that's what we are suppose to do- lol

But, i can feel something brewing, and it's not the enchiladas that I just ate.

Do you remember Davida? If you don't then you're not a true Sister Efnor blog follower LOL Anyways, she got married this past Saturday! Her husband has been reading the Book of Mormon and when they get back from their honeymoon he is going to start taking the lessons. That will commence in about a week.

Other news..I had a very special experience with a recent convert the other day. She moved out of our area but we still keep in contact and check up on her. She has been having a rough time, at the end of our conversation she asked if we could say a prayer together. So I went to the closet since the family Tree is usually pretty noisy and I knelt down. She wanted me to say it..I prayed that she would feel her Heavenly Fathers love for her, among other things. But it was in that moment that I could feel a glimpse, just a spark, of what He feels for His children.
That has been one of the most special parts of serving to me, feeling and
seeing, Gods love for the people that I come in contact with.

I am so grateful for this work, for the lives it changes,including mine... 

Sister Efnor


  1. You are doing great things! I love your example and testimony!

  2. It is so wonderful that you keep in touch with the converts that move out of your area! It's so important that they have someone to talk to that they feel connected to! Steph you know my client I told you about that joined the church....Francine,she moved to Washington state a few years ago. Francine found me on FB,asked me if I remembered her,I of course told her how silly she was,that of course I remembered. I have exchanged a few messages with her and finally asked how she liked her Ward,I had a feeling they weren't attending,sadly I was right.All the usual reasons, they felt like outsiders and missed their old friends that made them feel like they really had a church family. I told her it was very common for people that are new in the church to feel disconnected when they had to leave the Ward they felt so comfortable in,but the Gospel is the same every where and if they would at least go to Sacrament Meeting and continue to pray together they would start feeling the Joy that comes from being a part of this Gospel. We have had many conversations since then,and I'm happy to say they are attending most Sunday's....it's hard when you're " new " in the Gospel and lose your anchor...people need Missionaries like you to encourage them!! You are Awesome!! I love you so much Dodie!! OMA .