Monday, June 1, 2015

Last transfer- last companion… Park City where it started…

My new companion is Sister Weaver from TEXAS! She is a hoot and a half, this first week together has been a blast. We had served around each other when I was in Park City last year. I am really looking forward to teaching with her and learning from her. She has such a strong dedication to serving the Lord and takes on each day with a smile, I am so happy to be her companion.

Two days ago when Sister Weaver and I were on shift at the Family History Center. There was a couple that came in right as we opened...they stayed until 4 in the afternoon! Who knew people could research for that long lol Anyways, they went down to the lower level to keep researching..Sister Weaver, Sister Bryan and I were all upstairs talking and cracking jokes. At one point I said "Man, I just want to be able to go out and proselyte." (We haven't found any new people to teach in a long time) After I said that, Sister Bryan looked at me..and then she pointed her finger downstairs and said " How about them?".

Right when she said that I raised my eyebrow and ran downstairs. Scooted myself a seat right next to the wife and started talking to her about what she had found. Eventually she started to tell me that missionaries had stopped by her house before and she would give them water. 

I asked her if she had ever been offered a Book of Mormon, she responded no. So then, I ran upstairs, grabbed a Book of Mormon, and a Meet the Mormons DVD and headed back down.

I started explaining to her what the movies was because she had never seen it, then I got to the good stuff. I told her how the book I was holding was another testament of Jesus Christ and how it is an account of Gods dealing with people in the Americas. She seemed to be more and more interested the more I explained. 

I handed her both the movie and book, then I asked her for her information so I could email her and keep in contact with her while she reads..she was more then happy to write it all down for me.

I said good bye to the couple after their 5 hours of family searching, and then I went over and told Sister Bryan about what had happened downstairs.I thought about how blessed am I that people come into a building where they can immediately feel the spirit and their hearts are softened. It was also a great lesson to me that although we might not have a large number of people that we are constantly teaching, there are people everyday that come into the center that are ready to be taught.

I was also thinking about those who aren't full time missionaries, may  get discouraged because they don't have a particular friend that they are sharing the gospel with...Or they feel that all their friends are set and good to go. 

Everyday we come in contact with people. Even if its just something small like a "How are you?", or being an example out in public, we are in some capacity able to help hasten the work. The need to pray for missionary opportunities, in my opinion, isn't what is's the courage to DO IT, because opportunities are literally all around us. 

In my case, she was right downstairs...

Love you all,
Sister Efnor

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  1. YOU ARE SO RIGHT,OUR OPPORTUNITIES COME IN MANY DIFFERENT WAYS,sometimes we do missionary work in very suttle ways. I have of course had many conversations with many people through the years,conversations of religion,conversations of Christ and the joy that knowing him brings. One day several years ago I was cutting a missionary's hair when he told me that a woman in his Ward mentioned that I was her first introduction to the LDS Church,she said i was a great example of a Christian and that I encouraged her to go to church,even her husbands church , any church,just bring God into her home and it would help her and her husband fix the problems in their relationship. She told them that , that is why when the missionaries knocked on her door she invited them in----she and her husband joined the church. We never know how our actions will effect those people around us. You are doing a fabulous job and are truly a Great Example to us all! I love YOU,Honey!!!! OMA.