Tuesday, August 5, 2014

SLCE Mission Trek!

This week..oh how to describe it...pretty much the best week EVVAAAAAA! haha
We went on a Pioneer trek as a whole mission.  Picture this, 23 carts, about 8 missionaries to a cart, out in the middle of Wyoming.  I was talking to a girl in the ward about how we were going on a trek, she is preparing to go on a mission, she asked if all missions go on a trek...NOPE!  Just the greatest missions in the WORLD do!  Just kidding, every mission is the best, but seriously, how awesome is it that the day before pioneer day I got to go on a trek with tons of other missionaries.  I felt that it was pretty perfect since the same day I put on my own pioneer get-up to go pull a cart, my family was up in Nauvoo putting on their gear to go on stage at the Joseph Smith Pageant. 
There was a story that was told to us by the senior missionaries right before we had to do the womens pull (which by the way is A LOT harder when your an out of shape sista lol).  It was the story of Agnus Caldwell who came over in the same company of pioneers with Heber C. Kimball.  The children would often walk next to wagons in hopes that the person driving would offer them a lift since their feet were frozen and they had already been walking for miles.  Agnus didn't give up and she kept walking next to the wagon that Heber C Kimball was driving.  Finally he asked her, "Sissy, you want a ride?" to which she replied "yes sir".  He took hold of her hand and then motioned for the horses to go faster.  He started to make her run next to the wagon.  In her journal entry she said she felt like she was running next to the wagon for miles, when he finally pulled her up, he wrapped her in a blanket and stuck her in the wagon.
Why did he do this?  To get her heart rate going so she could be warm, had he just stuck her in the wagon she would have froze to death.
We can pray for days, weeks, months, and we may never know why Heavenly Father is making us run.  We may never understand why we are having to bear a burden, or pull our own handcarts of life. We may never know until our loving Heavenly Father has pulled us up, wrapped us in his arms, and put us in the wagon.  Just like Agnus was kept alive, Heavenly Father keeps us alive, alive in the gospel.  As we continue to hold on to his ever out stretched arm our testimony's, our spirits, our families will be made stronger.
During our district meeting we had to do role plays.  I ended up not having a partner, i looked to my district leader and asked what i was suppose to do now. to which he replied.."you can role play with president eberhardt.." uhhhh...uhhhh...hahaha everyone had a good laugh over my reaction, if you can only imagine, it was awesome being able to role play with him though, not to many missionaries get that oppotunity.
My eye swelled up and I looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Not even kidding.

We were able to find a new investigator this week..sometimes i have to just read his lips because his English isn't very good, so we might have to end up turning him over to the Spanish sister, but a new investigator for any missionary is a new investigator for the Lord so its all good :)

I cant even tell you all how much I loved going on that trek with all of Gods army.  In those 9 and a half miles i feel like i learned so many different things that are gong to help me as a missionary. I love you all-
and remember.. don't let go.
Love, Sister Efnor


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