Monday, July 21, 2014

Last weeks letter... Sorry- it's been a crazy schedule here in Nauvoo... (playing catch-up!)

In the process of making some lunch, i burnt not one..but two quesodillas before i got a clue and just stood next to the dang oven. Same day, I pull out my clothes and me favorite yellow sweater has dark spots all over it. I have decided that I am going to act like its suppose to be that way, I love that sweater to much to get rid of it.

We did our weekly planning session. Probably one of the weirdest planning sessions Ive ever had haha
So we start to talk about what we need to do so we can reach this weeks goals, I start to go through the list in PMG about weekly planning. I'm asking sister Tigno questions and I am getting no response. (awkward silence) (more awkward silence) This is my first time training..i don't know what to do with this haha
So i send out an SOS to the STL in our district asking for help. Clearly she was called to be an STL for a reason, i followed everything she said to do in the text. Which was pretty much the opposite of what i was gonna do "SNAP OUT OF IT! Get over it! Im not YO MAMA!" hahaha just kidding, i promise i have gotten a lot nicer since being on my mission. Anyways, with love we resolved the issue and got back to planning. Ever since that (which has only been two days) we have gotten along a lot better, we are more open with one another. 
We had dinner at Davida's house, she ceases to amaze im tellin ya. So we eat dinner and then we went to the couch and started talking to her about how she doing. 
She starts in my by saying that she has been going through her closet and getting rid of some things. She decided that some of the tops she had were cut to low, and with taking care of her little granddaughter she wants clothes that are functional so when shes at church she can be presentable. She said that she never wants to feel uncomfortable in something that shes wearing if a member of the ward were to knock on her door. Then, she goes and gets her new bathing suit that she bought! She got a new bathing suit that covers more of her body and a little shawl to go over it. While telling us about how she has slowly been making changes she even started to tear up a little, she felt so good about herself and the choices she has been making, even one as small and changing her wardrobe to be more modest. 
That same night we went over to a lady's house who is a bit less active. We shared this scripture with her "when ye do what I say I am bound, but when ye do not what I say ye have no promise". She knew exactly where we were going with this haha She knew that she needed to go to church, and that if she went she would be blessed. She even confessed that she doesn't go because she feels a little out of place and because she is a little lazy..So we challenged her to go to church with us Sunday, and SHE DID! 
We were able to visit 4 different families in the ward before out shift at the tree. I was sharing a scripture with one of the families on charity, the one in Moroni 7. Sister Tigno and I shard how its through the pure love of Christ that we can plant seeds and be an example to those we come in contact with.

For awhile I had been struggling with something...
I felt like I was being told, the number of baptisms matter, but they don't..but they still kinda do..but if you just love them that's good enough..but they need to make those covenants..
WELL WHICH ONE IS IT?!  While i was sharing this scripture in Moroni, it kinda dawned on love them, through the pure love of Christ, and its then that they will have a desire to be baptized. People can feel when your not genuine, when you have some hidden agenda. It just wont work that way, we need to help them feel how much we love them, and how much their father in heaven loves them. I guess since It's been awhile, i should have gotten this one through my head earlier haha But it helped me, i hope it helped some of you.
Being a trainer is  harder than I thought it was going to be. At first I didn't think it was a big deal, then as i thought about the impact my trainer had on me i started to feel the pressure. As a trainer you can set the tone for how this missionary is going to act for the rest of their mission. However, it has pushed me to be more obedient and diligent so I can set a good example, it may be hard but I really wouldn't have it any other way.

Like I said last week, I may be the trainer, but im constantly learning form Sister Tigno.
I feel so blessed to be where I am in life, to have the family I have, and a Heavenly father that loves me. I hope you all have a happy week full of missionary opportunities! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!

Sister Dodie

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