Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sister Efnor is loving her Mission!

Greetings fellow earthlings...

Remember when we found the dudes wallet last week?  We had a lesson with them on Tuesday.  Our WML and his wife came with us since they lived on the same street as them..
It proved to be another "interesting" lesson haha
So we are talking to the one from Boston, who has a girlfriend. We walk in and are informed (that what felt like 20 minutes ago because of the obvious tension in the air) they had just broken up..awka-akward.  So me, Nelson, and the WML and his wife are all LITERALLY in between them sitting on the couch.  The lesson got off topic and they started arguing about why they broke up (emphasis on the AWKA-AWKWARD).  The guy from Boston then says "I told her that she needs to take care of some things in Maine and Pennsylvanian"- His girlfriend then replies.."Im not going to turn myself in!"...uhhhhh..excuse me? What was that?
Our WML look over at Nelson and mouth the words " L E T S G O" hahaha
So thats what happened there.  We decided to not go back unless we have someone with us, better safe than sorry haha
 Sunset at the Draper temple!
F R I D A Y  F R I D A Y  F R I D A Y
We had ZONE CONFERENCE!  It was the best.  Sister Eberhardt (the mission presidents wife) is very....blunt.  She taught during part of the conference and I found it to be the most enlightening.  No beating around the bush, no vague advice.  ( I think im starting to like getting chastised lol)  She related us to fishes in a fish bowl, and how fish hide.  Why do fish hide?  They hide when they are scared.  She talked about how if we are in a sense "hiding" its because we aren't being obedient.  Her version sounded a lot better than what I just wrote out though.  Then the APs got up and spoke about "Spiritual Crocodiles", they basically listed all the things in our mission that they see we need to work on and where we are lacking.
After conference our zone hopped in the mission van and headed down to the Draper temple!
It was G O R G E O U S, and made me yearn for the day when I can visit the temple weekly.  Its interesting to me..how as a missionary (at least for me) you get this picture of who you think everyone is.  Then when you go into the temple with them, you see them in a different light.  It was a very special moment for me.  I literally cannot wait for when I can take advantage of how close the Gilbert and Mesa temple are to my at home.

Sunday, another MAAVELOUS day of rest.
During the relief society lesson, the lady teaching told a story about our recent convert Davida.  They had bumped into each other at the grocery store and started talking.  Davida made a comment about how her grandsons need to be more obedient during sacrament.  This lady then made the comment that she had seen her boys in sacrament and thought they they were such well behaved young men. Then Davida said "If they are going to serve missions they need to be VERY obedient." Davida has only been a member of the church for about a month.  Drake is 5, Ronnie is 9, and she already knows that she wants them to serve missions, BOOM!  Made my day!
One of our investigators in a matter of 2 weeks has prayed, read form the scriptures on his own, and has gone to church, all of which he hasn't done in 10 years.  More miracles are happening everyday and I am loving it.
Opening up my emails this week to nothing but good news was the cherry on top of this amazing week sundae.  My cousins going to Korea, and I have a friend going to Columbia, WHAAAT WHAAATT?! Church is so true and missionary work is the BEEZNEEZ!  I'm so excited for these two amazing future missionaries!  DO WORK!

Sister Efnor

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