Friday, June 13, 2014

June 9th- Ok... maybe all her letters are my favorite!

I know I'll probably say this 365 more times but, this week was the SICKEST week I have had since being out on my mission!

 (Mom Insert... Steph is in Heaven with these dog's... Her favorite!)

 Park City is so beautiful!

Monday we had a lesson with our recent convert Ellie and her family, just a little fun FHE activity for the kids. We talked about all the things that we could do to bring us closer to Christ, along with all the things that can draw us farther from him. The little kids were giving great answers, after the lesson the family wanted to know a little bit more about how FHE's are run. They wanted to know what other families did and why we do it, we talked about how families are essential to Gods plan. That through family togetherness we can feel the spirit stronger in our homes. Sister Nelson and I could already see a change in their family after experiencing Ellie get baptized, I am so excited to see their family grow together in the Gospel.
Wednesday the Relief Society through a baby shower for a lady in the ward who just had twins! We were invited to stop by and say hi, the husband isn't a member and I hadn't had a chance before to meet their beautiful family. While we were walking to the door Sister Nelson goes "What do we do at baby shower?!" (since missionaries cant hold babies) I said "Hold all the babies of course!" hahaha We didn't hold them :( but we were so grateful to be able to get and talk with her and with the other women in the ward.
This is what happens when you don't keep our appointment.... WE WAIT! 

Joe..not my Joe,  a different one.
Friday I got to meet Joe.  While on exchanges with another Sister, Nelson was able to find a NEW investigator! When we finally met up with each other she starts the conversation by saying "WE HAVE NEW INVESTIGATORS!"  Of course I am so pumped to hear all about them!  She begins "well, when we met the first one..he was higher than a kite, but he said we could come back!" I looked at sister Nelson -___- "wow, we are off to a great start" hahah Boy was I wrong for assuming!  Friday we met with Joe again.  Since we had last seen him he had shaved, and apologized for not being "all there" when the sisters first met him.  We had a great conversation with him out on a  field by his apartment (he's allllll about nature) (don't worry mom im not going out into abandoned fields with boys, it was a soccer field with a bunch of people around).   He is so opened minded and a really positive person, he said he doesn't want to "dive in head first" but that he wants to learn.  We are actually meeting with him today!
We were driving out in one of the neighborhoods that we cover when all of a sudden Nelson yells "A WALLET! GO GET IT!" I jump out of the car, (after the car had stopped of course) grabbed it and jumped back in. While looking for a name or number we turned the corner and saw to dudes, one riding a long board and the other on a bike. We drove up to them and asked the one on the long board if he knew the person whos wallet we had found. Turned out it was his buddy on the bicycle! So we handed him the wallet and drove off....Immediately we both thought "IDIOTS! WHY DIDN'T WE GET OUT OF THE CAR!?" So we went down the street and pulled over and waited for them to come down the street, missionary stalker status i know. Sometimes its necessary haha
So they come down the street, we get out of our car all nonchalant like. Then Sister Nelson says something to the effect of "Because I found your wallet you are basically obligated to listen to what I have to say" hahahaha So they came over willingly, we had an interesting conversation (there never seems to be a shortage of those on missions) and we talked a little about them and where they are from. One had never even heard of the church and the other only had a roommate who was LDS but didn't know a whole lot either.  We got their names and numbers and set up an appointment for tomorrow!
We had more lessons this week then we ever have before, the Lord heard our prayers. We were struggling, so we stepped up our game.  We were more obedient and diligent than I think we ever have been and we were able to see a direct correlation to the blessings and miracles we were able to witness this week.  I am so grateful to be a missionary, this growing/learning experience will be irreplaceable.  I love the Lord, my family, my companion, and PARK CITY!  I hope everyone has a great week, I love you all!
Keep it Real.  Keep it Righteous, and...Be a good citizen and return peoples wallets.

Sister Efnor


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  1. Oh Sister Dodie,how I love YOU and your wonderful stories!!!!! You are Awesome!!!!!