Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Salt Lake City East Mission Rules!

Sorry this is going to be short..

A couple nights ago we decided to make a stop at this lady's house, since I have been here we had only stopped by a handful of times. With no success on most of our visits, we decided it was worth a shot since it was on the way home. We knock...SHE ANSWERS! Hurray!
She was so friendly and let us in, immediately she starts asking questions about church. How its run, callings, taking the lessons...for some reason, the way she was asking the questions gave me the impression that she was already a member but never went to church. 
So this whole time she is inquiring about lessons, I thought it was because she wanted to come BACK to church. We are there for a good hour visit and set up another appointment..which is actually today :)
On our way back to the car after leaving her with a prayer, my companion goes "YES! We have a new investigator!"...then there's me.."huh? Investigator?" 
I swear guys...actually..I don't swear lol..I promise that I have been a missionary for the past 16 months hahaha I couldn't believe it, the Lord blessed us with someone to teach and I didn't even know it for a whole hour LOL 

Mothers Day was fantastic, getting to talk to the family was such a blessing. It was great being able to share my Mothers Day experience with them...
Ronnie (who was baptized last year) his brother Drake, and his mom (who was baptized a couple months ago) all went up to the front for the primary program. It was so beautiful getting to see their family, all together, on Mothers Day, in church. Even though I'm away from my own, seeing others families brought back together through the gospel is well worth it.

The more homes that I am welcomed into, the more I see the importance for strong women, women where when times get rough..they put their hair in a pony tail and say "Bring it on.". Thank you, to all the strong women in my life who have influenced me for the better, and helped me get to where I am today. 

I am so grateful for my mama, for the life she leads, and who she puts first. The Savior.

If your thinking about serving a mission, and you happen to actually read these emails that I write every stinkin Monday lol Get on your knees, and get in the scriptures and inquire from your Heavenly Father if you should serve..because let me tell you, its the best decision I could have made at this point in my life.

Sister Efnor

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