Monday, April 27, 2015

Loving this work!!

This weeeekkkkkkkkkkk.....

Well, I'm still in Park city..and I'm still a missionary..not to much as changed lol

Other then the fact that we are teaching some AWESOME people!

Around this same time last year Sister Nelson and I were teaching Davida and her grandson Ronnie. Living with them was Davida's long time friend Terri. She would sit in on a few lessons here and there, she even came to church. I guess after i left she even taught a gospel principles class on the atonement. Then she moved to California..
Well, around the same time that I got transferred back to PC..Terri moved back from California.

We swung by there house and during our visit Terri just blurts out "I think I want to be baptized. I feel really good about it." Uhhhhh exqueaze me?! Immediately she started laughing because of the look of pure "WHAT THE?!" on my face lol 
Since that visit we have been actively teaching her, and Davida took her down to Temple Square to go see Meet the Mormon and the Joseph Smith movie. She has been absolutely amazing and such a testament to me that it wont be as deep unless they are ready. 
I was writing to my cousin Sammy who is in Korea right now and we were just talking about the difference in spreading the good word in our different missions. He talked about how its been pretty rough to find people to teach, but he is working hard that is for sure. 
There have definitely been times when I felt really down because of what my numbers looked like. Not fully understanding at that point what success really was. This is what I wrote to Sammy in regards to how many people we are teaching right now...
"Even though we only have one, the one is progressing, and in a great way. She fasted about being baptized, on her own! This lady has really helped me see that it can make such a huge difference when their ready, and some just aren't ready. I knew this girl when I served in this area around the same time last year, her friend Davida got baptized but it just wasn't her time. Now, almost a year later..she is ready, we don't have to convince or coax her.  I wouldn't trade having w/s up the wazoo with people who don't want to change, for this one child of God that honestly wants to make these promises with her Heavenly Father."

It's not about numbers, even though I fully believe that setting goals helps you get somewhere. However, at the same time it is about people, our brothers and sisters.
(now ill get off my soap box)

Anyone remember the guy Sam that I always talked about while i was in YSA? Well, I just got this letter from him..
"I'm getting ready to turn mission papers i just have to finish my dental work." HECK YESSS! That is what I am talking about. From getting to be there while Sam made the choices to bring himself closer to his Heavenly Father he has taught me that, you can never predict. By that I mean, you can never predict what effect that you will have. Whether its just planting the seed, picking the flower, or maybe your just the one that dug the hole lol Getting to be a small part of this has given me such a strong testimony of the fact that even though I am just one, I can still make a difference. I cant even imagine all the people that Sam is going to touch, especially with the experiences that he has had.

I feel so blessed to be apart of these moments, they are something I'll hold dear for as long as I live that is for sure.

Sister Efnor

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  1. Awesome! As always you are an inspiration ,I love you honey!!