Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's better late than never!! (Says the guilty Mom)

At different points during this week Sister Curtis and I constantly found ourselves saying "Heavenly Father is to good to us!", it really has been another wonderful week of being a missionary. We are able to teach at least a lesson everyday, if not more. I cant imagine missions where some elders and sister hardly ever get the opportunity.  They are serious champs in my book!  Getting to teach so often definitely helps keep the morale up if you know what I mean.  Seeing people get that spark, that light in their eyes during a lesson, Its the best!

This morning in my personal study I was re-reading the 3 main lessons that we teach.  How the church was restored to the earth, the plan of salvation, and the doctrine of Christ. While I was reading about where we were before we came to earth (pre-mortal life) I read "God’s whole purpose—His work and His glory—is to enable each of us to enjoy all His blessings." 
I have read this section a gazillion times, and I need to read it a gazillion times more to be honest, but there was a word that stuck out to me this time.  ENABLE, I was reminded of when President Uchtdorf spoke at the General Women's meeting this year.  He related receiving blessings to a rain cloud.  There is a huge rain cloud and it is pouring down blessing, and it is our own indifference, indecision, or ignorance that acts as an umbrella... shielding, and depriving us of the blessings Heavenly Father wants to give us.
It's through the gospel that we are ENABLED.  It is through the gospel that we can see to shut the umbrella.  It's always nice finding something new, re-reading, and seeing an aspect that you might have looked over. 

I'll share one of the experiences that we were blessed with... Kayla was baptized! Her boyfriend had been less active for quite some time.  While he was in Arizona (HOLLA!) for work, she decided to start investigating the church.  When I got into this area she had been meeting with missionaries for about 2 months, so all in all its been a 3 month journey.  During all of this her boyfriend started coming back to church, and became worthy to baptize her.  It was his first time baptizing someone! 
The actual baptism was great, most of Tanners (the boyfriend) family came to support her, and Kaylas aunt who has been a member for a year was able to come and give the talk on baptism.  On top of all that, as if it couldn't get any better, 3 of the people we are teaching came to watch the baptism...booyah!

On Saturday I was kneeling to say my bedtime prayer, and in the middle I had a feeling to do something. I have always struggled with this inward conflict of "Is this me?" "Is this the spirit?" blah blah blah then I realized that I tell people all the time, if its good, its of God!  So do it!  Taking my own advice I decided to fast for a couple different reasons.  Don't let indifference, indecision, or ignorance put a stop to receiving blessings from on high.

I love you all dearly, especially that red head.

With love and frozen fingers,
Sister Efnor
 I think Sister Curtis was REALLY excited for the Carlo's Bakery we sent them in honor of Steph's Birthday Gra month... lol

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