Thursday, October 16, 2014

Utah Salt Lake City East Mission!!

Its already getting cold!  Why?  Oh Utah, how I love you but I hate you...
Haha, jokes aside.  Its been a really great week!  What else is new, right!?
We were blessed with 3 new investigators this week and had some really solid lessons with all of them.

In one of the lessons this girl, Helen, said "I know, (pointing to her head) but I want to know (point to her heart)". I believe that will come with time.  This was only our second lesson with her.  Helen has so many questions, and a real desire to know.  Its frustrating sometimes to hear someone say that they want the Holy Ghost to testify to them, because the spirit is there at every lesson and so strong so in my limited brain I'm just thinking "Heavenly Father...LET HER FEEL IT!" (lol)  Then I remember that she has to put in the work, study, ponder, plant the seed before she can see the fruits... Patience.
Im really pumped for all these people we are teaching.  I'm excited for them to have opportunities to feel of the gospels light in their lives.

While teaching Soo and Yeageon, we had two members of the ward with us.
We decided to teach Gospel of Jesus Christ, Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End.  Mainly because most students that have come from China, Korea, etc. dont have an understanding of who God is. 
Starting out with Faith one of the members gave several different examples of faith.  When we eat something, we know it will fill us. When we dial a certain number we know who we are calling etc. 
I liked these example because they all required an action on our part.  We have to put the food in our own mouth, we need to pick up the phone and dial the number.  Its all faith, through reading the scriptures like...everyday- I've begun to notice all the different scriptures on how FAITH is THE STUFF.  No matter how big, how small, how learned, or not, you need to exercise it!
Sorry if this is very primary, thats just how i roll.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is simple.

We were met up with another member who is coming back into re-activity, he said that although its nice to be back in church he doesnt see a real drastic change in his life. 
There was a talk given in priesthood session that i heard someone reference on Sunday, "Is it I?". That's what the 12 asked when Christ said that one of them would betray him.  I think the same question can be asked, if I am not receiving the spiritual fill i think i should...instead of looking outward, look inward.  This past Sunday i was searching for answers on how i could become a better teacher.  The impression that i kept getting throughout my meetings was, charity.  Taking a step back and asking "Is it I?", gave me an opportunity to see what my stumbling block is and whats keeping me from progressing into the missionary i need to become.  I dont say this in a "Hey look how humble i am" way, but rather to share a way that i, can testify, has worked for me.

This is Mohesen- You may remember me telling you about him.  He is doing so much better with his depression about the is current status in life.  When we visited him this past week, he said that he wanted to make his own sign to take to conference and showed it to us.  Go MOHESEN!

Sunday, I love Sundays!
Around 7:30 we went to go visit this girl... On the way up to the door step we see these two elders walking our way.  We stop and say hi to them, amongst small talk they tell us that they have a bunch of referrals for us.  We literally walked with them for an hour and a half as they showed us all the different houses that have YSA in them that are in their area.   Aside from this being a straight out answer to prayers because we cant ever find investigators in that particular blew my mind at how charitable these elders were.  It was another testimony/example to me that this isnt about the numbers.  This hour and a half that they could have used toward their own benefit, they put toward hasting the work.  It didnt matter to them that it wasnt "their area" they understood the meaning, being called of God. 

This week...
I want to thank my Oma for all her lovely boxes they are so fun... We decorated! 

I also want to thank my family for some sweet needed accessories!

In closing...
My companion thinks that since I'm a quarter Samoan (and i rock that quarter cheeehooo) that i can talk to every poly we see.  And i quote "Sister Efnor, turn on the poly charm" -Sister Curtis (lol)
At an FHE that we had the ward had ordered some blow up stuff, and sumo suits.  When FHE was over this Tongan guy, whose name escapes me, came to pick them up.  Anywho, i mosey on the usual "Whats your last name?" "Do you know any Tuinei's?" We had a really long conversation, some of his family are still active members, out of the 9 kids in his family only his last two younger brothers are on missions now and the rest besides his parents seem to not be active.  During our conversation i mentioned how blessed i feel and how happy i am to be serving, and then he said, "We are all serving missions, lifetime missions." It was a neat experience for me and hopefully for him..
I've heard of when missionaries come back and they get depressed, and what not, because they no longer wear the badge.  I cant remember where i heard this, and i could be totally butchering this quote but it was something like.. "A release as a full time missionary is a call to serve as a life time missionary."  I believe this to be true, and that Heavenly Father has given us a sphere of influence. 

I LUFF YOU ALL! I cant express how grateful i am to be WHERE I AM! I love it! I love every second of it! I hope you all find some kind of happiness in your day.
Love, Sister Efnor
Fall has arrived, and it is cold for this AZ girl!
 Not planned twin day-
 This one is for my family-

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  1. You are Awesome!!! I am so very proud of you and look forward to these weekly inspirational letters!! I love you Dodie!