Thursday, September 4, 2014

Its a dang good day when you wake up, look in the mirror, and you've got the Lords name on your chest.

There is this girl, who's a member, she hadn't been going to church for awhile, and she wanted us to come teach her the lessons.  Almost as a little refresher.  We taught Plan of Salvation, and were able to see what it was that she needed help understanding.  At a certain point in the lesson we explained to her that these aren't things she hasn't heard before, she looked puzzled.  We explained how in the pre-existence that this plan was presented and she accepted it by taking the first step of coming to earth to gain a body.  We explained that she already had taken a step in the right direction, and when she feels the spirit, when she feels good inside when we are teaching, its because her spirit is remembering.  Her smiled widened from ear to ear and she yells "Are you serious??!!?! Mind blown!!" haha
It truly is a beautiful moment when you can witness the flame rekindled in someone else, and might i add, that it is so motivating to see someone brought to such humility... even though she was already a "member" she was humble enough to ask for help.  I hope that whenever i might be struggling i would have the courage to call up the Lords servants to help me.

We had a lesson with Alexis, she was recently baptized and confirmed a member of the church.  Long before her baptism she would constantly say.."after i get baptized i dont want these lessons to stop, i want to keep learning from you guys."  Alexis realizes that there is still a lot to learn, and she wants it bad.  After the lesson we asked if she would say the prayer.  Previously she would sometimes say "dear Jesus", we would try to correct her, but sometimes she would this time before she says the prayer she goes... "Now ive really been practicing this whole prayer thing, the Dear heavenly Father part.."  I couldn't help but smile!  Just to hear that she has been practicing, i dont know what it was but it hit me so hard. Then she offered up her prayer.  Have you ever heard someone pray and you could just feel that this person knows they are talking to God.  They pour out their whole soul, thanking him, asking for help, seeking guidance.  I LOVE it!

The YSA stake had a carnival!  This is a perfect finding opportunity...and they had free pizza lol haha!!! 
So we went around the carnival that night looking for referrals or maybe non members that were invited to come. We did end up getting a couple referrals. When we were about to leave they turned on the Cupid Shuffle...oh the urge to JUST DANCE! Started tappin my toe a little, swayin back and forth, AHHHHHHH! I CANT STAND IT ! But dont worry mom and dad, I overcame the natural man lol ;)

We had dinner with a member, Rich Johnson.  So we get to his house and he says that he has to go pick up the 3rd female. (if we are with a guy we always have to get a 3rd girl to come with us) When he comes back he ends up having a girl and a guy in his car.  On his way back he saw this guy James , with whom he had been home teaching companions with years ago, walking on the side of the road. So he invited him to dinner!  After dinner, and our spiritual thought he says he doesn't agree with the scripture... he believes that Christ ended at the cross..that there is no life after this one here on earth.
James went on a mission, his parents are serving as mission presidents in Africa, and he doesn't believe in Christ.  It was a little heart breaking, he said he felt conflicted, he just seemed confused... What a miracle-  What are the chances that he'd be walking down the street right as Rich was driving by, and that on that day Rich had invited us over for dinner.  There are no coincidences!  I know that it was the prayers of his parents serving in Africa that someone in their sons ward would reach out to their son. Those prayers were answered. We invited him to church, which surprisingly didn't take any pull on our part and he came.  James even drove all the way to his parents house to get clothes for church.  That night we got a text saying "Hey sisters, thank you so much for the invitation to come to church.  I really loved going.  Hope you have a great week!".  I can see the Lords hand in every single day!

Its been a beautiful week. News of one of my cousins going through the temple and preparing for his mission in Korea has been so exciting!  Receiving a letter from my mom of all the experiences she had in Nauvoo was such a blessing... The work is moving forward in so many different ways!
I had the chance to bear my testimony, I talked about the power of a testimony and the influence ive seen as we have brought members to lessons.  Got a testimony?  Share it!  You see a friend walkin on the side of the road and you feel the spirit tellin you to pick em up?  Do it!  I know that we are all Gods hands and feet here on the earth, he is constantly looking to work through us to reach out to his sons and daughters.  I hope that you all have a blessed week!  I love you all to pieces. 
Sister Dodie

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