Monday, August 11, 2014

I've been transfered... from my beloved Family Tree and Park City!

(preface to the following story)
The new apartment we live in is pretty nice, aside from the fact that the ceilings are accommodating to dwarfs, but that's not even the problem. Our apartment is infested with box elders (sp?) its this black and red abomination of an insect, and instead of saying box elders, we just call them elders. I still am trying to understand their purpose.
Pretty much every night before we start planning we go through an all out brawl with them so we can plan in peace. 
(the actual story)
So sister Curtis goes to hop in the shower..5 minutes later... I hear..."THERE'S AN ELDER IN THE SHOWER!"...I died laughing.

IM SERVING IN YSA WARDS NOW! (and I welcome every change and challenge)
My new companion is sister Curtis from Boston, she is the beezneez.
It definitely is a change going from one ward in Park City to 5 wards in YSA, but i welcome the busy schedule with open arms that is for sure.  I wanted to cry tears of joy when sister Curtis filled me in on all the potential investigators, the areas, and the people they are teaching.  The wards that i cover are so diverse because they are all college students going to school at the U.  Its a little intimidating, everyone is so educated..that sounded dumb hahaha anyway... Everyone LOVED the sister before me so its been hard because i feel like i have big shoes to fill, however last night made me really happy. We were in a lesson with this girl, she only had one lesson before i got here.  The lesson went great and then the investigators offered the closing prayer.  In it she said, "And i was really nervous because sister Tennyson had to leave us and now we have a new sister, but sister Efnor is awesome and I'm happy that she is here", it warmed my heart to hear those words.

There are so many return missionaries in the wards we cover so we can always find someone to go out to a lesson with us which is such a blessing. 
Dinner appointments are a lot different in YSA wards than in the family wards haha but hopefully ill lose some weight since ill be eating like a college student and not like a Maharajah!!!
Getting to teach people my age has been such a great experience, being able to relate to people helps so much during lessons.

I have another kicker for ya'll..
Sister Curtis was on the phone with an investigator who was being illusive about setting an appointment, but she kept at it trying to hook him for an exact date we could meet.  He said " your very persistent" which she replies "yes but its motivated out of love"...then he said, "What are your boundaries?"  She thought he was implying that she had gone to far with the whole "love"comment, immediately she starts back peddling "I meant Christ-like love! like charity!"..when really he was only asking her what our actual boundaries were that we covered hahaha oh the awkwardness..

The closeness of Temple Square has been such a blessing.  We can meet people over there whenever, and go have lessons as well.
I am more than excited to be here, serving where I am.  Yet again, i can see so clearly why the Lord sent me here.  I have so much to learn still.  Daily I am being pushed and challenged to do and be better.  I have to go now, man i wish i was fast at typing instead of this chicken pecking crud. Curse my lack of attention in computer class! haha

I love you all so much! keep it real, keep it righteous.
Sister Efnor
Saying good bye to Sister Tigno... (My first trainee, my baby)
Before leaving I threw my shoes up in the "Tree" Something done when leaving that great place!! 
 MY FAMILY- My last day with Davida's family- That was such a hard goodbye.  But when I hugged Terri, she said, "A lot of things wouldn't have ever happened if you hadn't come here to us."  Then she told me that she was just in the back room reading the beginning of the book of Mormon.  It was a huge cry fest, but I am so happy to have known them and been a part of their conversion.

 Me and my new companion!!

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