Monday, April 7, 2014

Oh the Lord is a funny, funny man.  You'll never guess where and who I'm with.

Monday, March 31st
We knew we were going to be getting a text from the Zone Leaders of who was going to be getting transferred, but me and Sister Villoso knew we weren't going to be separated.  I could they?!  We were picking up new investigators and things were really starting to roll in the Monument Park stake. 
While I was in the shower I hear a yell.."OH NO PRECIOUS! This is some great joke!".  I knew right then I was getting transferred.  Frustration doesn't even begin to describe.

I packed in the morning, that in itself was a miracle.  It ended with me standing on top of my suitcase jumping up and down while Sister V tried to zip up the darn thing.  We had a couple of appointments that morning and then we headed to the mission office for transfers.  It was awesome seeing the knew missionaries introduce themselves and share their testimonies, crazy to think that I was up there bearing my testimony not to long ago. 
As i said earlier, the Lord is a funny man.  I am now serving in Park City with...SISTER NELSON!  My MTC companion!  I couldn't believe it!  You only go to transfers if you or your companion are being transferred, so when Sister Nelson and I saw each other we thought..maybe, just maybe...
Everyone told us that it wouldn't happen.  We both have only been out 6 weeks, and the odds of being with your MTC companion are slim to none, but here we are!  I love serving at the Family Tree Center, as well as getting to do the proselyting side of missionary work.  Best of both worlds. 
Saying good bye to Sister V, my favorite little Filipino!

Did some "Tree Time". Then went out knocking on doors trying to meet as many people as we could. 
Can you tell Sister Nelson and I are happy to be together again??!!

We had an appointment set up with this girl Danielle. She's 18, her dad isn't active in the church anymore and the rest of her family aren't members.  She has been going to church with a friend in Heber and has been in search of the missionaries.  Her parents said that after she turned 18 she could decide if she wanted to be baptized. Two days after her birthday sister Nelson and her "then" companion knocked on her door.  We are teaching her now and she is on fire!  In the first lesson she was already talking about when shes going to get baptized. Through out the whole lesson i couldn't help but smile.  Miracles are happening ALL THE TIME, and people are constantly being prepared to learn of the gospel. 

CONFERENCE,WHAT WHAAAAAT!?  Opening hymn started up and I was already getting misty eyed. Being in this mission i constantly find myself going "Is this real life?!"  Ive never been so awake for conference, nor have i taken so many notes.  By the looks of that picture mom sent me, seems like dad felt the "spirit" a little to much this round of conference heehee Love you dad!  I loved all the talks, but my favorite was probably by Zwick. I felt like no one has ever really given a talk on that subject.  Speaking kindly to others.  Oaks was on point with his talk and had Sister Nelson and I yellin "AAMMMEENN!" haha I thought it was so cool how a lot of them touched on not being afraid of showing your faith.  Speaking to youth specifically, and even adults about not being afraid of telling or showing through action, your beliefs. 

We had the opportunity to attend the afternoon session.  Saw the Jarmans when i was walking out, its always the best seeing a "Nauvoo" face.  

Oh yeah and i saw Fano on the big screen singing at the saturday session haha To funny.  When we got back to our area after defeating the General Conference traffic, which is a joke and a half by the way, we went to go knock on some more doors.  Before we got out we said a prayer.  I asked that out of the 3 doors we would knock on at least one of them would let us in.  Annnnddd..One did!  Badabing Badaboom, prayer answered!  We went in and shared a message and we are going to go back soon. 

Welp, there is my week.  I still wake up some mornings and go "oh snap, I'm on a mission!" hahaha Its the best feeling being in the service of the Lord, bearing His name, teaching His word.  Park City is so cold.  Just plain cold.  So to answer your question mom, YES I am constantly wearing my coat, and YES I am constantly wearing my boots.  I love you all so much!  Thank you for all the emails! 

Sister Efnor

This pic is from last weeks service... It was sent to me after I sent my letter but I had to include it on this letter because I'm pretty proud of that sledge hammer work I did on that day!  It was fun!  I removed all those stairs! 

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  1. Steph is undoubtably one of the most all consumed,dedicated missionaries I have ever listened to!!!