Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This Weeks email from our sweet Sister Stephanie!

This weeks email!!  Salt Lake City East Mission!!
Tue 18
We had an appointment with this Chinese woman named Kaye.  Kaye flew down to Utah from China to help her daughter and son in law take care of their new born son.  The couple has crazy work schedules at certain times of the year so Kaye always comes to Utah to help during their busy months.  We found out about Kaye through a sister in the the stake, Sister Knight.  Through Kaye's many visits they have become good friends.  Kaye told Sister Knight that she wanted to learn more about American culture, so Sister Knight asked if she would like to learn more about the LDS church by meeting with two sweet sister missionaries.  (Sneaky, sneaky)  Anyway, we met at the Knights house and Kaye talked to us about her life.  She had been to temple square before and to hear the Tabernacle Choir sing 3 different times and loves it.

In the MTC i was told that i was going to meet people that are going to be so prepare to hear the gospel.  People that know they are missing something in their lives, and know that they want the gospel.  I thought "Yeah, yeah, in all our dreams."

She said that she admires how happy we are, and how we seem to deal with trials a lot better because of our religion.  She told us that she knew that with religion in her life it would fill the gaps that she feels.  She knew that with religion she could be happier.  I couldn't believe what i was hearing, I literally started to tear up.
Just seeing this sweet little Chinese lady with the biggest smile on her face, and despite her wet cheeks, talking about the loss of her younger brother and how she wanted to learn more about the next life, and seeing him again touched my heart.  I thought... I have what she needs, I have what she has been looking for.  (There are so many that are still searching, and wanting to fill those gaps.)
This is where it gets sad, Kaye is leaving for China in 2 weeks to go take care of her 90 year old mom.  She doesn't have time to take the lessons because her daughter and son in law need her to take care of their son. BUT... Where there's a will, there's a way brothers and sisters!   We gathered all the reading material she will need in Chinese!  Any pamphlets,  a Book of Mormon, just the whole enchilada.  She wanted it all for her plane ride home!  We are also taking her to conference. I know that even if i don't see it, Kaye will get baptized.  The spirit that was in the room while we were talking with her was so strong, AND we have a sister that is going to China with her husband and she said that she is going to get in contact with kaye while she is there to see how shes doing.  Kaye was an answer to my prayers, and it seemed like we might have been an answer to hers. 
Wed 19
I GOT TO SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE! lol and boy am i out of shape!
The YW leaders in a ward had me come and teach the girls some Tahitian basics.  I made up a quick hula to a hymn and talked about how we can share the gospel through our talents, the girls LOVED it! The leaders were saying they want to get something put together with the stake. They really seemed to be on fire about it. I don't know if it will actually happen with the whole "no dancing" thing, but the mission president loved that i was doing it so who maybe it will happen. The best part was the fact that we had a chance to bond with the girls, and they got to know us better.  Now they know they can talk to us, and they can trust us if they have any friends that they want us to teach. 

Fri 21
Our week had been really busy but Friday afternoon we had to make some calls to fill up some gaps in our day. We left a couple messages and then we actually had someone call us back. Surprise, surprise....NOT!  We answered the phone and this dude went OFF!  "The church is full of lies", "Joseph Smith is a liar", "blah, blah, blah".  You could only imagine what was going on in my mind at this point.  I wanted to look his address up in the directory and introduce his face to the side of my scriptures.  As i was gearing up to give this brother my response i looked up at my companion, who at this point had made a heart shape with her hands and is mouthing these words to me "We love him, ask if we can do anything for him".  I couldn't help but smile, i have so much to learn from my companion.  Obviously, after this guy was done with his rant i said, "Sir im sorry you feel that way, we love you."  AND... then i hung up.  Which probably wasn't the nicest thing to do, but he had that one comin.

Sun 23
It was busy, busy as usual. We had meetings starting at 7:30 in the morning and it was non stop till 9:30. we had another lesson with Manuel, it was an awesome lesson on prayer, scripture reading, and keeping the Sabbath day holy.  He was interacting, and asking questions.  Things are really moving forward with him.
I also wanted to make my Mom's potato's and had to take a picture of them because they actually turned out pretty good!

We had three NEW investigators this week, which NEVER happens. When we scheduled the appointment for our 3rd investigator Sister Villoso and I started running and jumping around our room like cray cray sisters. This week was very, fulfilling.  Members will ask if being on a mission is hard and i say yes, but its a different kind of hard. I don't have to think about anything but the gospel, that's it.  I count myself lucky!  Sure, there are days that are rough, but my time is totally, and completely dedicated to the Lord and his work.  I doesn't get any better than that!
(This is something I made for a game my companion and I play with kids at homes that we teach at... I love the children...)
I really enjoy all the boxes that my family sends me but we really need to come to an understanding... NO MORE FOOD... I don't want to get fat!  (However, I couldn't resist a funny pic of me after a draining work out with Sister V)  Really though, we do run and try to get our exercise in as much as our schedule allows.
This next picture just cracks me up.  I want everyone to know that I never said I sing!

And finally... More of my creative skills at work.  My own homemade scripture case made out of a cereal box that came in my St. Patrick's Day box!  (Because they were getting scratched in my shoulder bag)

Funniest email from last week award goes to: DAD!
He said...
"So anyway, talking to this long time secretary at Southwire about nothing.  She was the North American Presidents secretary and now is secretary to the Pres of Marketing.  She knows everyone. Nice gal.  We got into this "all about life and where we've been" conversation that kept seeming like it was just going TOO LONG, and I needed to get back to work.  Anyway...I mentioned that Tim, from the AZ office, my friend, was coming out to Carrollton for an important meeting... and that we would probably go to church together.  When finally this secretary asks... "What church does he go to?"  BAMM! DOOR IS OPEN, HELLO! "Oh, Tim and I are LDS, you know, Mormons". " 

That story had me rolling, because I know Dad and can just imagine how that is exactly what went through his mind... BAM!  A close second was Debbie's letter about getting hit in the head by an elephant trunk, and about how Clint painted a stripe in the middle of the garage door. 

Best video from last week award goes to: Anything with Joe in it! hahahaha

 Well, Family... The Church is true... And I Love you all so much!!

Thank you all for another week of loving emails,  and thank you mom... for being 70% of all those emails!  On to another week!  Keep me and Sister Villoso in your prayers tonight, we need em! 
Sister Efnor

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  1. I love this girl! I know that feeling of getting another investigator and dancing around the apartment! It's so exciting to have our kids so excited about the gospel!