Monday, March 3, 2014

Okaaaay!   So i got all your videos!  I watched the one of Joe 5 times already. Someone really needs to tell that kid to postpone growing because i cant take it haha thank you for all the pictures, i opened up my email to 30 new messages haha what a treat!  I know I'm spoiled! 

Anyways, i got a letter into the mail today so that probably wont get to you till... well, forever from now...

Did I say... I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY??  because I DO!
(just skimming through my journal... Where to start this week...?)

We went to this older couples house a couple days ago. The wife is a member and the husband isn't, we were told that the husband never wants the missionaries over, but that he asked if we would come over...but just once.  So, everyone was super excited that we were finally getting to go into their home.  We get there, and they end up giving us a full tour of their house, all these paintings they've collected etc.  So after like an hour tour of their house i finally asked if we could share a message with them.  The wife said yes.  So i read a scripture and a quote by Holland.  In the quote it says "This is the true church.." as soon as those words slipped out of m mouth the husband stood up. He then said, "My hearing aid battery just died and i cant hear anything, excuse me while i go change it.." he promptly left the room..I continued with my message and while doing so i can see that the husband is now in the kitchen fixing himself a sandwich and sippin on some iced tea -__- Hearing aid MY EYE! lol  We asked the wife if we could come back soon and she basically said no... Come to find out AFTER we had already left their home, it took their home teacher YEARS to get into their house, and YEARS to get the husband to even sit in the same room.  Their home teacher has never shared a spiritual message because the husband doesn't believe in God... Wow, that would have been useful information to know!  We went back later and stuck a sticky note on their door saying we loved visiting with them, and we cant wait to come back...(We haven't heard from them)

So... we did exchanges this past week.  That is where you switch companions.  We switched with this three some companion ship, so sister V went to their place and one of the sisters came to our place with me.  So i don't know this area very well and i don't have a ton a of the streets memorized. Being the one from the area i had to lead out our day!  We only had one appointment and i was suppose to fill it up with people while i was carting around this new companion. 
I'm just scrambling to figure out what im going do with this sister all day long when i get a phone call... What?  My appointment only stinkin appointment, GREAT!  So now i have zero. 
We ended up finding an old relief society president who gave us the name of widows we could visit, thank goodness for widow. They seem to be the majority of people that will actually let us into their homes.  Anyways, we visit them..which turned out to be great visits.  So I'm really grateful we got to do that. 
Then we go home and go to bed.  The alarm clock rings and i asked (lets call her) Sister A, if she wanted to shower first, and she said yes.  So she gets in the shower, girl is in there for 45 MINUTES.  What the heck are you getting ready for?!  Your wedding?!  Anyways...she finally gets out and right as i am about to get in the shower the phone rings, its brother and sister Nielson reminding me that they are going to be over around 8 to check our place, uhhh EXCUSE ME?!  8 oclock was gonna come around in 15 minutes!  So i jump in the shower, where in i soon find out that sister A has used allll the hot water.  Yipee, So i take a 5 minute ice bath, run out tooth brush in hand as I'm putting gel in m hair with nothing but a towel on.  I'm running around picking up stuff off the ground, at the same time trying to put some clothes on because I'm down to like 2 minutes at this point.  All the while sister A is blow drying her hair like shes getting ready for prom -__- oh mom, i was praying for patience hahhaha!  I hear a knock at the door and as i am running to the door i am putting on my shirt..our place looked fine for brother and sister Nielson.  What i learned that morning, take a shower first, and always appreciate your Filipino companion hahaha 

We are getting everything ready for Maggie's baptism this Saturday!  I am so excited!  We met with her last night, and she said that she didn't want to get to excited about her baptism...We asked her why, and she said it was because she didn't want Satan to try and detour her.  So she's trying to lay low and fly under his radar haha I thought that was really sweet.  She is so excited to be baptized, and she has such a strong testimony.

The work is moving along here in the Monument Park stake!

Thank you all for all the emails, I'm sorry if i didn't write you back this week.  I really do gain so much strength hearing from everyone.
The Gilbert Temple Celebration sounded like a blast and the clips mom sent me were awesome! I miss all the youth that we got to teach those dances to!  You guys were awesome.  I loved when they all held up their flags, it touched my heart.  So inspiring to see all those youth standing together.
I love you all!   The church is true!

Keep it fresh
Keep it fly

Sister Dodie 


  1. Oh my goodness Steph----you are so awesome!!! You will have great success because you are not only spiritual you are COOL!! You continue to make me laugh------what a great combination of awesomeness you have!!!!! lol LOVE YOU TONS!!!!!

  2. Loved reading this email. Made me LOL literally!!! Justin was wondering why you didn't name her Sister B! LOL! jk I am glad you are having a great time!!!
    Kayla Williams